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Bull riding at Central PA Rodeo

Danger! Excitement! Action! No event at the Central PA Rodeo combines more of these elements than bull riding. A contest that has been voted the “most dangerous sporting event in America” by the Sports Writers of America.
This event pits man against beast as a cowboy who may weigh as little as 140 pounds struggles to stay on top of a ton of twisting, bucking bull. A bull rider’s equipment consists of braided flat bull rope and a pair of blunt spurs. The rope is pulled up around the animal’s middle, through a loose noose in the rope. The cowboy wraps the rope around his riding hand and secures it with his fist. Only his grip keeps the rope in place. The bull rider attempts to ride the bull turning his toes out and holding on with his spurs – no easy chore since the loose hide of a crossbred Brahma bull moves easily!
Even if the cowboy makes a qualified ride he’s not out of danger. Because of the tightly drawn rope he may find himself “hung-up.” This happens when a cowboy’s weight pulls against the rope and keeps it from coming loose. Then the bullfighting clown dashes alongside the bull and tries to free the bull rider.
If the cowboy manages a clean dismount, he may still be in danger, especially if he stumbles or falls, since many bulls will charge a man on the ground. As in other riding events in rodeo, two judges score the ride on the rider’s style and the bull’s bucking ability.
The most popular event with the spectators in pro rodeo, bull riding at the Central PA Rodeo at the Huntingdon County Fairgrounds will match top International Pro Rodeo Association cowboys against the bucking bulls of the Rawhide Rodeo Company’s herd on June 20, 21 and 22. This event is brought to the central Pennsylvania region by St. Matthew School, in Tyrone in partnership with Tri-Star Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep of Huntingdon.
Advanced tickets are on sale now at Tri-Star in Huntingdon, all Reliance Bank locations, and Ace Fix-It Hardware in Tyrone, Duncansville, Huntingdon, Dillsburg, and Brookville – $10 Adult, $3 Children ages 4-12. Tickets at the gate are $15 Adult, $5 Children ages 4-12. Children 3 and under admitted free. Gates open 3 hours prior to show time. Concessions of food and gifts are available.
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