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124th commencement held at Tyrone Area High School

2008 Commencement speakers
During the 2008 graduation ceremony, Salutatorian Alexis Murray offered a commencement welcome. The commencement speaker, Dr. Larry Nulton, was introduced by his nephew, Ethan Nulton. Dr. Nulton’s speech, titled “I Chose the word Passion,” was a very informative discussion of his life and achievements. His business, Nulton Diagnostic and Treatment Center, grew to include more than 300 employees with more than 6000 patients. His goals were accomplished after college and he became very successful in what he loves. Finally, a farewell speech for 2008 graduation was given by Valedictorian, Sarah Halter. Pictured is Murray, Halter, Nulton and Dr. Larry Nulton. (The Daily Herald/Nick Cushion)
Students prepare for the 2008 graduation ceremony at TAHS!

It was the 124th Annual Commencement at Tyrone Area High School Friday night, where 137 students enjoyed their last night as a Tyrone Area student.
The night began with the students waiting patiently in the hallway, discussing where life was going after this night was over. The students finally began to filter in through the auditorium where their eager parents stood proudly to see their child walk through that door and onto the stage.
After the students marched in with their big smiles, the ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.
The Pledge of Allegiance actually started in 1892 where Edward Bellamy composed 31 words for school students to recite, celebrating the birthday of Christopher Columbus. It was called, “The Pledge to the Flag.” Since then, school students recite the pledge everyday before school as a tradition and remembrance of Bellamy and Columbus.
When the singing was finished, Michael Moore came to the podium to give the opening invocation for the 2008 graduation. He then announced the Salutatorian, Alexis Murray, who offered a commencement welcome.
Murray began with a few kind words to the graduating class, “A few of us got hurt, physically and emotionally, but all of us shared certainly an unexpected but unforgettable senior year.”
She continued on in stating how life isn’t always what is expected, but “no matter where our lives take us, we will be forever linked by the times we have spent here at dear old Tyrone High.”
Murray concluded her commencement speech with, “One lesson we certainly have learned is to ‘expect the unexpected’.”
Mr. Thomas Yoder, TAHS principal, was then introduced to take the podium. He inspired the audience with his kind words of the graduating class of 2008.
“You will forever remember me for the Ferris Bueller and Geico speech,” Yoder enlightened the crowd and students. “Goodness is a goal each of us should achieve each and every day. It is as simple as holding a door for someone or saying hello to a stranger. The main point is to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. To be humble is to wait your turn, celebrate, praise and give respect to one another in everything that you will achieve.”
Ethan Nulton prepared an introduction for the Commencement Speaker, his uncle, Dr. Larry Nulton. He began stating all of Dr. Nulton’s accomplishments such as his Nonprofit Tutoring Center for children in need, the Goodwill Organizations providing job opportunities for the mentally challenged and receiving a Doctorate in Psychology from Bowling Green University, OH.
Ethan then began dating back to Dr. Nulton’s high school years, where he stated, “His 1981 Golden Eagle Yearbook recorded this information about him – Larry, or ‘Peany’ – as I guess they nicknamed him in high school.”
The auditorium had a few laughs, but it was finally time for Dr. Nulton to finally take the podium after a great introduction from his nephew.
Dr. Nulton’s speech titled, “I Chose the word Passion,” was a very informative speech of his life and his achievements. Dr. Nulton’s business, Nulton Diagnostic and Treatment Center, grew to include more than 300 employees with more than 6000 patients. His goals were accomplished after college and became very successful in what he loves.
Nulton’s advice to the audience and students was, “I turned to those that I love and have trusted for their wisdom for years: My wife, children, parents and family.”
Family was a very important issue discussed in his speech. He used his family’s help for his commencement speech, which had a very funny story involved.
“I first asked my fifteen-year-old for his advice, and he felt that I should tell everyone to ‘ah, go commence yourselves.’ Okay, maybe that was the wrong age group from whom to seek advice, so I turned to my eleven year old. He seemed to be a great resource since he is into new music, videos and is also the one that introduced me to Youtube. When I asked him for his advice, he turned to me and said, ‘Here is some advice for you dad, don’t ask a fifth grader for advice.’ Well said. Surely my wife, who graduated with her doctorate, would have excellent advice. She told me, ‘Don’t say ‘uhmm,’ or ‘you know,’ and most of all, don’t embarrass us.’ They also stated that when people are applauding that it doesn’t mean they want to hear me speak, it is a polite way of saying, ‘enough already!’”
Dr. Nulton had the audience where he wanted and continued to tell his life story. Nulton finished with a few inspirational words, “Education and talent mean very little without motivation and passion.”
The graduating class of 2008 enjoyed Nulton’s speech, and were more anxious than ever, it was time to graduate.
A farewell speech for 2008 Graduation was given by Sarah Halter, Valedictorian.
“In the next couple of minutes we will receive our diplomas,” Halter stated. “There are three important words we should discover in our path to our goals in life; brave, strong and true.”
Halter said that they will “first be brave and be strong with our family and relationships, but without fear, there is no bravery.”
The Valedictorian continued to speak of respect being the “key element in keeping relationships strong.”
Halter finished her inspiring speech with, “Remember, you need strong relationships with your family and friends to pursue your goals in life. Be truly honest with yourself and go after what you honestly want to achieve. Congratulations to the class of 2008 and God Bless.”
Dr. William Miller, Superintendent, was next on the list of events as he spoke of “having faith, passion and motivation in your career.”
“I share the class of 2008’s pride in their accomplishments,” Miller stated. “Here this evening is a final curtain call for all of you sitting here on stage. Relish this moment in which you will see these faces just one last time all together at once. It will be the last time spent here at Tyrone Area High School with your friends, so relish everything here tonight.”
The crowd erupted and the presentation of the Salutatorian and Valedictorian plaques were handed out by Mark Mitchell before the presentation of the diplomas.
After Mitchell’s speech, the students anxiously waited in line to receive their last piece of the puzzle, their diplomas.
One row at a time, the students filed toward their certificate of graduation. Some students wept, others cheered. Many parents took pictures, all smiling proudly as they remember back to what it was like for them to graduate in front of their family and friends. Graduation is a time of remembrance to share with family from generation to generation.
After the turning of the tassel, the students let out a yell for they have finally accomplished something spectacular in their life and will now pursue bigger and better things past high school and beyond college.
Congratulations to the TAHS graduating class of 2008! Good luck with everything you pursue and achieve outside of your high school education.