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Tyrone’s senior athletes honored at Senior Sports Recognition Night

The annual Tyrone Area High School All-Sports Senior Recognition Night was held on Tuesday, May 27, at the Tyrone High School cafeteria. Special recognition was given to senior members of the varsity athletic teams.
Our seniors have attended many practices, events and participations over the past six years to get to this point. Now they are getting ready for their futures, whatever and wherever that may be.
They have endured hot and cold, wet and dry, sunlight and shadow. Some have stood on the victory platform and had their efforts and performances heralded by the media and fans, while others have stood apart from the limelight and seldom had their names mentioned. Each one has given his or her all and gone beyond. Each had weathered personal storms as well as individual aches and pains. We owe to each of our senior athletes much more than an adoring public. They are our children, our neighbors, our heroes and most importantly, the future. They should be measured not by their statistics, or amount of wins, but by their hearts. By their willingness to block, or pass or hand off to those whose names we shout is the measure. In the still quiet sound following a loss, every bit as much as the roar after a victory or for those, who sat on the bench and didn¹t quite make it into the game. These young men and young women we salute with awards and scholarships and recognition are what high school athletics are all about. Rest assured the Class of 2008 Scholar/athletes have done their absolute best to add to the lure and history, to be included in the Honor Roll of Golden Eagles who have gone before, and those who will follow.
All seniors who had participated for three years in a varsity sport and lettered one year were presented with senior watch awards.
The George ³Bud² Wilson award, which is presented each year to the outstanding senior male athlete, was presented to John Franco. Franco also was the recipient of the Mike Hample Family Track and Field Award, presented to the outstanding senior boy in track and the Gordon L. Norris Memorial Scholarship Award presented to the outstanding graduating senior boy, who has excelled both athletically as well as academically, with special emphasis in the field of mathematics.
Franco was also one of nine award winners, (up from just five for the Class of 2007) to receive an Tri-Athlete Award for those seniors who have lettered in three varsity sports in one year anytime during their high school career. This award, made possible through the Monogram Club went to Franco (football, basketball, track), Shayne Tate (football, wrestling, track), Amber Miller (volleyball, cheerleading, softball), Ethan Nulton (soccer, swimming, track), Brittany Detwiler (soccer, cheerleading, softball), Kayla DeSoto (tennis, soccer, softball), Matt Brooks (golf, basketball, baseball), Brandon Gehret (football, basketball, track), and Lindsay Christine (volleyball, basketball, softball).
The senior girl who was the recipient of the Gordon L. Norris Award was Chelsea Brockett.
The winner of the Levine Award, presented to the outstanding senior female athlete for 2008 was Sarah Halter, who was also the recipient of the DelGrosso TAHS Track and Field Award, presented to the outstanding girl in track.
Lindsay Christine was presented with the Class of Œ57 Basketball Award chosen for the outstanding female basketball player, as judged by coaches, high school principal and guidance office, plus the writing of an essay. Christine was selected to receive the William H. Baker Tri-Athlete Scholarship Award for a senior who is continuing their education. She also was honored with the Volleyball Booster Award for the outstanding volleyball player.
The BILO Award presented to the outstanding senior girls basketball player went to Kayla Corle.
Steve Catich was presented the Alumni Award, which goes to the outstanding senior male basketball player.
The male recipient of the Class of Œ57 Basketball Award was received by Brandon Gehret. Gehret was honored with the James (Bud) Anderson Memorial Award presented to a senior boy for outstanding but unrecognized contribution to the Tyrone Area High School athletic program.
The Tom Templeton Outstanding Athlete Scholarship Award goes to Josh Bradley. This award is presented to a graduating senior who has been accepted at a four-year college. The applicant should have participated in the varsity football or boys/girls basketball programs, both junior and senior years. He/she must also demonstrate outstanding character, scholarship, and leadership abilities, while exhibiting and spreading team spirit in a varsity sports program. Bradley was presented the DelGrosso Tyrone Area High School Track and Field Award for the outstanding male in field events.
The Albert F. ³Teet² Snyder Memorial Football Scholarship presented annually to a graduating senior of the Tyrone Area football team who has excelled both athletically and academically, is of strong moral character and exemplifies what a coach looks for in a true ³team player² was also presented to Bradley.
Finally, Bradley also received the George Curry Unsung Hero Award, sponsored by the Monogram Club to an athlete who possessed winning attitude, dedication at practice, loyalty to his teammates, and respect toward his coaches.
Shayne Tate was honored as the David J. Kirk Award winner, presented to the outstanding senior football player. Tate was also the recipient of the Ellenberger Scholarship Award presented to a member of the senior class who has been accepted at a post-secondary school. The method of selection includes: Academic achievement, participation in extracurricular activities, number of years on the football team, sportsmanship and personality. Tate was the male recipient of the William H. Baker Tri-Ahlete Award.
Tate and Anthony Romano shared one award and received the other solely, both related to wrestling.
Shayne and Anthony were selected for the Tony and Virginia Maisano Scholarship Award, two $100 scholarships for seniors who will further their education at a post secondary school, and who fostered the most team spirit and leadership among wrestlers, and Romano also received the Kimberling Award, presented annually to the outstanding senior wrestler.
Alexis Murray was also a double award winner, receiving the James (Bud) Anderson Memorial Award, presented to the senior girl for outstanding but unrecognized contribution to the Tyrone Area High School athletic program, and was the DelGrosso Tyrone Area High School Track and Field Outstanding girl in field events winner.
Matt Brooks was the recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award presented in memory of Scott Strong to an outstanding senior baseball player.
The Scott Strong Memorial Golf Award presented to the outstanding senior golf participant who demonstrates perseverance, dedication and outstanding character, went to Ryan Ruscio.    Ryan also received the Jimmy Gillam Memorial Scholarship award for the outstanding senior in golf.
Brittany Hosband
Kelly Pearson and Ethan Nulton received the Dr. Norman Miller Memorial Swimming Awards.
The Tennis Award was presented to Brittany Hosband.
The recipient of the Karen Cowher Memorial Award for Cheerleading was presented to Jessica Markel.
AYSO Soccer Awards were received by Jonathon Hampton and Nicole Moore
There were 17 seniors who received the Scholar/Athletes.
To be eligible for the award, a senior must have a 3.75 Grade point Average on a 4.0 scale, must carry at least five credits during his/her senior year, must letter in a sport, must have the recommendation of all his/her teachers, must have the recommendation of his/her coaches, and must have a record that is free of disciplinary action (requires approval of principal/disciplinarian).
The list of 2008 Scholar/Athlete recipients includes: Sarah Halter, Alexis Murray, Michael Moore, Chelsea Brockett, Jessica Markel, John Franco, Chelsey Markel, Ethan Nulton, Nicole Moore, Joshua Bradley, Aaron Cunningham, Brandon Gehret, Randy Hoover, Kayla DeSoto, Alan Swann, Shayne Tate, and Brittany Hosband.