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Tyrone Police respond to false stabbing report

Early this morning at around 4 a.m. at 128 Cottage Street, Tyrone, Danielle Richardson and Larry Randolph, Jr. reported to police a robbery and stabbing, that turned out to be a false report.
Richardson is being charged with false alarms to agencies of public safety, unsworn falsification to authorities and false reports to law enforcement authorities.
Randolph is being charged with false alarms to agencies of public safety, false reports to law enforcement authorities and disorderly conduct.
Police reported that the couple said Randolph had been robbed at knife point by a black male. The victim did have multiple stab wounds. On scene, the officer along with EMS personnel, found Richardson and Randolph in the third floor bedroom. Richardson was laying on the floor, claiming to be having an anxiety attack, and Randolph was laying on the bed, bleeding from his stab wounds.
While EMS was tending to Randolph, Richardson reportedly became very irate and was interfering with EMS, so an officer placed her in handcuffs. After EMS had taken Randolph out of the apartment, an officer found a small silver knife, covered in blood, laying on the table next to the bed. When Richardson was asked where the knife came from, she stated that it was her boyfriend’s and that he pulled it on the other male during the altercation.
The officer then asked Richardson what had happened, and she stated that while she and Randolph were walking back to the apartment from Sheetz, a black male came towards them and demanded money. Richardson then stated that Randolph got between her and the actor and that the actor then pulled a knife and stabbed Randolph, then ran southbound, down the alley, towards BiLo Foods.
Richardson was then transported to the Altoona Hospital by ambulance, and an officer accompanied EMS personnel. Randolph was also transported to the Altoona Hospital in a separate unit.
The officer was then advised by someone to speak to Richardson’s roommate again about the incident. Upon speaking with the roommate, it was learned that Randolph and Richardson had been arguing and Randolph then stabbed himself with the knife that had been recovered in the bedroom.
The officer then went to the Altoona Hospital to speak with Richardson and Randolph. Richardson at this time provided a written statement alleging again that she and Randolph had been robbed at knife point and that Randolph had been stabbed by the actor. Randolph stated verbally the events that Richardson stated in writing.
Randolph was being admitted for his 13 stab wounds, which the attending doctor believed to be self-inflicted.
Richardson was then discharged. Both officers transported Richardson back to the Tyrone Police Station and advised her that she was under arrest for making a false report. According to the police report, Richardson admitted that the story of the robbery and stabbing had been fabricated by both she and Randolph.
Officers are requesting a warrant due to concerns Randolph will not obey a summons and does not have a permanent address in the area.