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Tyrone Borough Council approves agenda items, including parking meter change

Tyrone Borough Council unanimously approved its agenda items one by one last night at its May regular session.
Among those items included the approval to reprogram the borough’s 144 electronic parking meters to accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. A nickel will provide five minutes of parking, a dime provides ten minutes, and a quarter will provide one half hour.
The borough will rent a handheld communicator for $100 from PALM, Inc. to reprogram all the meters. Council also approved to replace the 12 old meters that still exist in the borough with new electronic meters, which will cost the borough $1,502.52.
Council is planning to adopt or revise an ordinance where if a person receives a $5 parking ticket, that person has the opportunity to pay only half of the ticket if it is paid at the borough building within an hour of when the ticket is received. The time the ticket is written will be viewable on it.
Also on the agenda was two basketball ventures proposed to the borough. Theron Glenny represented Joshua House as the CO-coordinator of its annual Hoops Fest played downtown. Glenny requested to have 10th Street from Logan Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue, and Logan Avenue from 10th Street to the end of the Moose Lodge closed for the event on July 19 from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Glenny said that “this is a great event for the whole community,” which includes many local organizations that are involved to make the event a reality, such as Rotary Club, Elks, the Armory, Reliance Bank for Relay for Life, Dance Fusion, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and the Merchants Association.
Council agreed to move forward with the street closings pending PennDOT’s approval. Mayor James Kilmartin and Councilperson Mark Kosoglow abstained from voting due to their affiliation with Joshua House.
Councilperson Pat Stoner said that a few merchants approached her and were unhappy with Hoops Fest last year, because it took away from business for the day. But, Stoner said she was not opposed to the event. She thinks better planning can alleviate the congestion of all the participants and viewers at the location in the future.
Council also approved Tyrone resident Nate Verilla’s plans to run two summer basketball leagues at Reservoir Park. Verilla will be holding a 30 and over men’s league on Wednesdays and an open men’s league for ninth grade and up on Thursdays. The court will be reserved from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
The 30 and over league will begin June 4 and end August 13, and the open league will begin June 5 and end August 14.
Other items approved:
• The installation of water lines at the City Hotel Park.
• The demolition of the 1102 Logan Avenue structure by low-bidder G&R Excavating and Demolition at $4,850.
• Summer council meetings in July, August, and September will only have one meeting on the second Monday of each month.
• A tower lease agreement with Nittany Media for five years, paying the borough $3,000 a year.
• Low bid accepted for electrical work for the lime conveyance system at the wastewater treatment plant and for the sale of the old sewer camera equipment. D&M Electrical & Automation was the low-bidder for the electrical work at $14,920. Stiffler, McGraw & Associates will pay $5,001 for the old camera equipment.
• Police department’s request to donate stock-piled bicycles to Way’s Market for orphanages and to sell its 1997 Ford Crown Victoria police car to Bellwood Borough or the Blair County Sheriff’s Department.
• An agreement with the PA Game Commission that permits hunting on the borough’s watershed property. The borough will not post the ground, but if any posting needs to be done, the Game Commission will assist the borough.
• Permission to move forward towards replacing traffic lights with LED traffic lights.