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Third marking period Renaissance Stars announced

Renaissance Stars Renaissance stars for the third marking period include, in front, from left: Stephanie Miller, Derrick Emigh, Leara Latchford, Alissa Parker, Tommy Williams, Courtney Kurtz and Olivia Conrad. Back row: Teanna Kobuck, Jason Tuskovich, Ridge Pass, Ashley Shultz, Andrea Bartos, Derek Lehner and Samantha Sessamen. Missing from the photo is: Nick Wolfe and Kyley Hand. (The Daily Herald/Amanda Golden)

The Tyrone Area School District Renaissance Education Foundation announces a group of “stars” for the third marking period of the 2007-08 school year.
Tyrone Middle and High School teachers nominated 16 students for recognition due to their outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude or overall improvement.
Fifth grader Courtney Kurtz was chosen by her teacher, Mr. Rishel. He said Courtney is truly a wonderful student and person.
“Her hard work and positive attitude towards life and learning are expressed in everything that she does,” said Rishel.
Thomas Williams was chosen by Mrs. Snyder as a Renaissance Star. She said Tommy is the ideal fifth grader. He always completes his work and is a friend to all.
Mrs. Snyder said, “He is polite to others and can be counted on to follow the rules. He is a pleasure to teach.”
Olivia Conrad, a sixth grader, was chosen by Mr. Bouslough, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Conrad and Mr. Stoner. They agreed Olivia provides consistent and accurate academic work and despite her quiet nature, she has wonderful insights to share and will help any student or teacher when asked. They said she is a great addition to the grade level.
Derek Lehner was also chosen by Mr. Bouslough, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Conrad and Mr. Stoner. He is not only a superior students but he is also a person of great character, according to his teachers.
They said Derek’s academic work is always completed on time and accurately. He offers wonderful insights into the subjects being taught. As important, however, is Derek’s treatment of his peers. He has a willingness to help anyone and a kind and compassionate nature towards each person.
Seventh grader, Leara Latchford was chosen by Mrs. Johnson, Miss Johnston, Mrs. DelBaggio, Mrs. Gerharts and Mr. Loth.
They said Leara is a very conscientious student who provides a good role model for others. Her hard work and determination enable her to excel in the classroom. She is also very kind and considerate to other students.
Alissa Parker was chosen by Mrs. DelBaggio, Mrs. Gerharts, Miss Johnston, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Loth. Alissa is a very conscientious student who excels in the classroom. She is a detail-oriented student, according to her teachers. In the classroom Alissa is very attentive and uses her time wisely. Her positive demeanor is an asset to the school.
Eighth grader Samantha Sessamen was selected by Mrs. Cannistraci and Mrs. Casillo. Samantha submitted an exemplary history day project showing hard work and effort. Likewise, her work ethic in English sets a great example for others.
Also, eighth grader Nick Wolfe was selected by Mrs. Cannistraci and Mrs. Casillo. They said Nick has shown improvement since the first half of the year. He has made an effort to succeed in his classes.
Andrea Bartos, a ninth grader, has been selected as a star by her teacher, Mrs. Taylor, who said Andrea is a pleasant young lady.
“She was consistently a model student in my class. She always had her work done and would frequently check to make sure she was doing well,” said Taylor.
“During class, Andrea was always attentive and displayed a positive attitude. All of these characteristics make her deserving of being a Renaissance Star.”
A second ninth grader, Derrick Emigh, was chosen by Mrs. Burket.
She said, “Derrick is a very conscientious student who always works up to the highest levels in my class. He is a hard worker who uses his time wisely.”
Math teacher, Ms. Haid, chose sophomore Kyley Hand for her honor of Renaissance Star.
“Over the last marking period I have seen great improvement with Kyley,” said Haid. “Due to hard work on her part she has improved her grade. Kyley also turned in an excellent project on Pascal’s Triangle.”
Nominated by English teacher, Ms. Dobrowolsky, is Ridge Pass.
“Ridge has worked very hard this marking period to improve his grade. He is a good example of a Renaissance Star,” said Dobrowolsky.
Mrs. Taylor, Health Tech teacher, chose eleventh grader Stephanie Miller for star recognition. Stephanie is enrolled in the Health Tech II class.
“She is one of the hardest workers and is a conscientious student to boot,” said Taylor, “She always has her homework done and has a smile on her face.
“Stephanie is admired by all of her classmates. She is very deserving of recognition for her efforts.”
Teanna Kobuck was selected by Mr. Eckberg, Mrs. Johannides, Mr. Kearns, Mrs. Nale, Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Lewis.
They agreed Teanna has done an outstanding job this year as a guidance office helper and peer tutor. She is conscientious and eager to help in any way. She has a calm, friendly and helpful manner toward students and staff and is well-received by everyone.
Mrs. Binus reports that Jason Tuskovich, a senior, is a very conscientious student and deserves star recognition. She said, “As soon as he enters the room he begins working. Jason is very dependable, honest, kind and an overall good kid.”
Senior Ashley Shultz was selected as a star by her teacher, Mrs. Taylor.
“Ashley is a great young lady,” said Taylor, “I have taught her for three years in Health Tech. She is easy going and has a great sense of humor. Ashley is a hard worker and gets along with all types of personalities, which his a plus for anyone entering the medial field.
“Her grades are consistently high and she is admired by all of her classmates.”
Taylor said Ashley’s nomination for Renaissance Star is long overdue.
Congratulations to this marking period’s Renaissance Stars.