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TACO extends awards nominations deadline

The Tyrone Area Community Organization is presently accepting nominations for “Boss of the Year” and “The Betty F. Simpson Distinguished Service” awards.
The deadline to submit nomination letters has been extended to Monday, May 12.
Criteria for the “Boss of the Year” is plain and simple. Individuals should nominate the boss they feel treats his or her employees with respect and gratitude. Other qualities from a potential “Boss of the Year” include someone who is easy to talk to or work alongside. Individuals can show his or her boss what they really think of him or her by nominating them for “Boss of the Year”.
Also, the “Distinguished Service Award” is just that, someone who has done a service – a service for their community, neighbor, family, or friend, or for a group of people. Everyone knows someone who helps others just because the need is there or just because they are a very special person.
Send nomination letters for “Boss of the Year” and “Distinguished Service” awards to: TACO, P.O. Box 128, Tyrone, PA 16686.