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Safety tips for motorists and pedestrians

Motorists can help by following these safe-driving tips:
• Yield to pedestrians using marked or unmarked crosswalks. Never overtake or pass drivers who have stopped for pedestrians.
• Right turn on red means stop, look in all directions for pedestrians and other vehicles, and then turn when it is safe. Look for pedestrians and allow them time to clear the crosswalk.
• Always reduce speed when approaching children. Drivers must observe school zone speed limits and stop for school buses when red signals are flashing. Motorists should be extra cautious immediately after school dismissal when many children may react unpredictably.
• Yield to pedestrians who are bind or physically handicapped.
• Be patient with older pedestrians who may need extra time to cross the street.
• Before backing up, always check for pedestrians in your path.
• Be extra careful at night or during periods of reduced visibility. Keep your windows clear of fog and frost. More than half of all pedestrian fatalities occur at night.
• Be on the alert for pedestrians who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Pedestrian safety tips for crossing the street:
• Stop at the curb or the edge of the road if there is no curb and look left, then right, then left again for moving cars before you stop into the street.
• Put your cell phone away and concentrate on safely crossing the street.
• Remember, even if there is a pedestrian crossing device in the middle of the roadway near the crosswalk, you must still follow the safe crossing rules. Look left, right and left again. On a multiple-lane roadway, make sure all vehicles have come to a complete stop and you have made eye contact with the operators before crossing.
• If you see a car, wait until it goes by.
• If a car is parked where you are crossing, look to make sure there is no driver and that the car is not running. Then go to the edge of the car and look left, right, left. Make sure you are seen.
• Never dart out into the street.
• Remember, traffic signals, pedestrian crossing devices or painted crosswalks don’t always provide enough protection. Drivers may not be looking out for pedestrians. It is up to the walking public to be alert and defensive.
Safety tips for walking:
• When walking along a road where there are no sidewalks, always walk facing the traffic and keep as far off the road as possible.
• Walking at night is a dangerous activity because it is more difficult to see and be seen. Pedestrians who walk at night should carry a flashlight and wear clothing made with retro reflective materials.
• Leave your cell phone at home and concentrate on where you are walking.
• Stay away from traffic if you have been drinking alcohol or taking medications that cause dizziness or blurred vision.