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American Legion crosses at Soldiers Park

The story of the American Legion Crosses at Soldiers Park date back to the Tyrone veterans who gave their lives in battle through WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. Placing a cross on the lawn at Soldiers Park will show appreciation to these loyal men of our country.
The program is for Howard Gardner Post No. 281 Deceased Legionnaires. The WWI Legionnaires of this Post started this program of placing a cross upon the lawn. Samuel Cannistraci was the man in charge and placed a cross every year at the Post Home (where the cannon is now placed). The cannon was on the hill at the back of the home, and when the crosses grew too vast, they were placed at their present location today, Soldiers Park.
With the passing of Cannistraci, his son Joe Cannistraci took over the placing of the crosses at Soldiers Park. After Joe Cannistraci passed away, the Post Membership now places the crosses each year.
The names on the plaques on the “Stone” are in honor of the soldiers from Tyrone that gave their life for freedom in the United States. The soldiers battled in WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War.
To have a cross placed in your honor, you must be a paid-up regular member of the Howard Gardner Post No. 281 American Legion at the time of your death. The post adjutant will have the final say as to eligibility of the cross. Finally, this year’s total crosses will tally around 1,072 on the lawn at Soldiers Park.
Please show your respect this weekend at Soldiers Park to honor the Tyrone soldiers who lost their lives for this country’s freedom.
– Photos by Nick Cushion