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Additional TBPD reports that could pertain to the recent car break-ins and home burglaries

May 26
– Ann Potts, 102 W. 8th Street Apt. 2, Tyrone, reported that she came out of her apartment that morning and discovered that her vehicle had been ransacked overnight. The actor(s) went through the glovebox and the contents were scattered about her Buick vehicle. Potts stated that the only thing that was missing was her vehicle registration and insurance cards.
– Jennifer Brady, 462 Park Avenue, Tyrone, reported that her vehicle was damaged sometime overnight. The back window was pried open causing damage to the hinge on top of the back hatch. Nothing was reported missing.
– Officers found the rear door open at a vacant apartment building on West 10th Street. Officers searched the building and were unable to locate anyone. Police stated the building was broken into before, and officers found more damage done to the building. Borough Code Enforcement have already been notified, along with the owner. The back door was locked, however, the actor(s) are entering from the broken window on the side.

Other Tyrone Borough Police Department reports from Memorial Day weekend

May 23
– Michael Buck, 481 Park Avenue, Tyrone, reported that his half-brother, Wetzel Lewis, approached him at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street while Buck was a passenger in a vehicle stopped at the traffic light. Lewis allegedly stuck his head in the passenger side window and told Buck that he would “knock the s#*t out” of Buck if he “messed with his wife at Sheetz again.” This apparently started at Sheetz several weeks ago, according to police, when Sherry Lewis, the manager at Sheetz, made comments about Buck and his daughter. Buck desired a harassment charge to be brought against Wetzel Lewis. Charges are pending.
May 24
–  An anonymous female called police and reported that a group of juveniles were ringing doorbells and running away near West 15th Street and Columbia Avenue. The juveniles were last seen heading toward Snyder Alley. Officers arrived on scene and searched the area with negative results.
– William Carper, 1909 Hamlin Avenue, Tyrone, reported a theft of a brand new NEXT Intruder bicycle, model number 859238 and serial number 74338. It was stolen from outside Tracy Gardner’s residence during the overnight hours. The bicycle was a birthday present and cost approximately $90.
– An officer was approached by a gentleman on Logan Avenue, and he stated that individuals at 1217 Washington Avenue were setting off fireworks. Upon arrival of the officer, fireworks could be heard, but after talking with Will Myers, he stated that he bought the fireworks at BiLo grocery store. The officer looked at the sales receipt from BiLo, and confirmed that he did buy the fireworks there and that they were legal. Myers was advised to keep the noise down for the rest of the night.
– Keith Leader, 3030 Huntingdon Furnace, Tyrone, reported that he received two phone messages from James Ansman stating that he was going to beat him up for punching Ansman’s little brother, which Leader stated that he never did. Ansman stated that he was also going to damage Leader’s vehicle. The responding officer listened to the phone messages from Ansman and identified Ansman as well. Ansman left a phone number to call, which the officer said will be used to speak to Ansman about this matter.
May 25
– While on patrol, an officer observed four traffic cones spread across the width of Old 220 by Qwik Fill gas station. While the officer removed the obstruction to the roadway, police were dispatched to the same location for juveniles placing cones on the roadway, who were last seen running toward the Bull Pen. Officers searched the area with negative results. The juveniles were to be carrying glow sticks, one was about five feet, ten inches tall wearing yellow shorts, and the juveniles were to be both male and female.
– Police performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for displaying one headlight. After talking with the driver, David Markel, the officer detected malt or brewed beverages emitting from him. The officer then issued four field sobriety tests. Markel failed two of the four tests, and was then transported to the Tyrone Hospital were a blood test was administered. Markel was then transported back to the Tyrone Police station, where he was read and signed a Misdemeanor Waiver. He was then released into the custody of a legal aged person.
May 26
– An officer while on patrol found a vehicle that had been egged. No other damage was noticeable. The vehicle was registered to Charles Sprankle of 1053 Pennsylvania Avenue Apt. 403. Sprankle was contacted the following morning due to the late hour finding of the egged vehicle.
– Officers were dispatched to 1461 Logan Avenue to make contact with Misty Rhodes who reported being harassed by a juvenile earlier that day. Rhodes stated that the male juvenile called her an “oompa loompa” and mooned her from across the street. Rhodes asked the officers to speak with the juvenile and have him quit yelling swear words from across the street. Officers then made contact with the juvenile and advised him to quit calling her names.
– Police were dispatched to the Logan Ridge Valley Lot 37 for a physical fight involving approximately 20 people. Upon police arrival, an officer made contact with William Vaughn and Nathan Rezac, who both stated that the fight was between James Richards and a known male juvenile. Richards said he was dating the juvenile’s ex-girlfriend, and the fight was over her. Richards stated that the juvenile came down the road and threatened him with a knife, and then put it back in his pocket. He said the two punched each other and it was broken up by several neighbors.
– Jessica Claar, Lot 37 Logan Ridge Village, Tyrone, reported that the neighbors are back yelling and threatening her. Officers made contact with Jerry Ansman, Mike Ray, Chris Claar, and Nathan Rezac. Ansman stated that someone had pulled their pants down in front of his little sister and her friends, and then told them to “go get her brother.” After speaking with a neighbor who witnessed the incident, police learned that James Richards was the one that pulled his pants down. Richards was gone prior to officer arrival. Charges to be filed on Richards.
– Police reported that a male slit his wrists at a residence on Logan Avenue in Tyrone. An officer responded to the scene and the male had his wrists bandaged. It was reported that an argument occurred with a girlfriend, and afterwards the male slit his wrists. The male was placed in care of AMED and was transported to the Altoona Hospital.