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Tyrone Hospital and Sylvan Radiology Associates announce formed relationship

Officials at Tyrone Hospital announced that they have formed a relationship with Sylvan Radiology Associates to provide physician services for the Tyrone Hospital Radiology Department.
The radiologists at Sylvan Radiology Associates are now interpreting all imaging studies performed at Tyrone Hospital. The imaging services currently available at Tyrone include Diagnostic x-ray and Flouroscopy, Computerized Tomography Scan (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Mammography, Bone Densitometry and Ultrasound.
“We are pleased to welcome Sylvan Radiology Associates to our affiliated medical staff and the community,” said Walter Van Dyke, CEO. “There are several physicians in the group which will significantly expand the physician coverage for our radiology department.”
Van Dyke said the breadth of talent and experience in the physician group also provides an opportunity to further develop Tyrone’s radiology services.
“We are a forward thinking, service oriented group of physicians,” said Elie Azar, M.D., President of Sylvan Radiology Associates. “When we heard about Tyrone Hospital’s plans to develop and expand its radiology services, we thought that we were in a good position to help the hospital achieve that goal. We knew we would be able to provide Tyrone Hospital with the level of expertise needed to be competitive in the market place.”
Sylvan Radiology Associates is a group of highly specialized diagnostic and interventional Radiologists. The group is currently comprised of seven radiologists and there are plans to recruit additional physicians to the group in the near future. In addition to their relationship with Tyrone Hospital, the physicians at Sylvan Radiology Associates have provided services at Altoona Regional Health System for a number of years.
Dr. Azar said everybody at Tyrone has been extremely friendly and happy to see them serve their patients’ needs.
“It is a very exciting time for Sylvan Radiology to work in a new environment and be part of the Tyrone Hospital team. We are pleased to be of service to the community and see a number of opportunities with regard to the hospital’s radiology services,” stated Dr. Azar.
Among the plans that the hospital and its new radiologists are discussing include expanding the range of radiology procedures offered at Tyrone, upgrading some of the hospital’s imaging technology, and implementing a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). The PACS system will move Tyrone from hard copy imaging films to a full digital, computerized system, with imaging studies that can be transmitted to physicians electronically, making imaging study results available at the click of a button.
Dr. Azar said having a presence in Tyrone will allow Sylvan Radiology Associates to develop closer relationships with patients and referring physicians.
“We see a bright future. Tyrone Hospital is in a good location to serve the residents of northern Blair County and surrounding communities. We think the services can be developed to have a regional diagnostic imaging center within the hospital and that is our mutual goal,” ended Dr. Azar.