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Tyrone Boys Track and Field team defeats P-O

Tyrone traveled to Philipsburg-Osceola yesterday to do battle against P-O and Indian Valley on P-O’s year old track facility. This was the first test of League competition in the tough Mt. League against always tough AAA team Indian Valley and a much improved Philipsburg-Osceola team that defeated the Golden Eagles last year by 48 points last year. Tyrone Boys defeated Philipsburg-Osceola 78-63.
“This was probably one of the strangest meet we have been involved in recent years,” Coach Yaniello said. “The meet started at 4:00 and we didn’t finish until around 8:30. It was dark and there were no lights to see events sheet to finish writing the team scores. The meet was postponed for an hour due to lightning. P-O had to cancel the pole vault because of the wind. The 1600 was run in a driving rain and wind storm which was the worst I have seen in my 30 years as head coach. We were surprise to find out Bellwood-Antis was there along with Indian Valley which turned into a quad meet which was difficult to run. We did not score against Bellwood-Antis because we run them next Thursday at Tyrone. That being said, I was really please to the way our team handled the adversity. I always tell my teams that no matter how bad the conditions are someone has to win so it might as well be us.”
In the boys meet with Philipsburg the Golden Eagles won 10 of the 18 events. Philipsburg had the edge on the track outscoring Tyrone 47 to 40. Tyrone pulled out wins in five of the six field events to gain the edge needed for the victory. The pole vault was not contested because of the wind and rain. Tyrone swept the long and triple jumps and got a first and third in the high jump.
Ben Ingle had a superman performance running four quality races to lead Tyrone on the track. “We asked a lot from Ben in this meet and he responded with running four quality races winning the 800, 1600, 3200, and running a strong leg in the winning 3200 relay team,” said Yaniello. Brandon Gehret won the 300 hurdles in with his best time of the young season. Freshman Richie Stever came through with two key second places finishes in the 1600 and 3200 and ran on the winning 3200 relay team with Ben Ingle, Dustin Elder, and Nathan Kruis.
In the throws Mark Mingle had quality throws in winning the shot and javelin. “Mark is a first year thrower and is going to get even better as the year goes on,” Yaniello said. “Our throwers are mostly underclassmen and are going to be a force to deal with this year.”
Tyrone dominated the jumps sweeping the long and triple and Kyle Updike won the high jump with another six foot jump in horrible conditions. “Between Larry Glace, Shane Emigh, and Ethan Etters, all are capable of beating each other at any given day. We are blessed with excellent depth in the long and triple,” said Yaniello.
The boy’s team lost a close one to power house Indian Valley 74-67. Full results were not available at the end of the meet.
The Lady Eagles had a rough meet against an outstanding P-O team losing 128 to 13. Lizzie Shields had Tyrone’s only first placing winning the 400. Indian Valley defeated the Lady Eagles 129-12.
Tyrone 78 Philipsburg-Osceola 63
100 Dash-1. Bucior (PO) 11.5, 2. Glace (T) 12.08, 3. Baker (PO) 12.27; 200 Dash-1. Bucior (PO) 24.25, 2. Baker (PO) 25.2, 3. Glace (T) 25.8; 400 Dash-1. Eason (PO) 54.69, 2. Whitman (PO) 56.38, 3. Randolph (PO) 1:00.22; 800 Run-1. Ingle (T) 2:11, 2. Whitman (PO) 2:14, 3. Elder (T) 2:17; 1600 Run-1. Ingle (T) 4:55, 2. Stever (T) 5:05, 3. Weld (PO) 5:20; 3200 Run-1. Ingle (T) 10:55, 2. Stever (T) 11:11, 3. Weld (PO) 11:57; 110 High Hurdles-1. Golding (PO) 17.06, 2. Black (T) 18.78, 3. Wilson (T) 19.34; 300 IM Hurdles-1. Gehret (T) 45.78, 2. Baker (PO) 46.76, 3. Rocco (PO) 47.31; 3200 Relay-1. Tyrone (Ingle, Kruis, Elder, Stever) 9:13; 1600 Relay-1. P-O (Eason, Eason, Whitman, Rocco) 3:49; 400 Relay- P-O (Eason, Whitman, Bucior, Rocco) 48.8; Long Jump-1. Etters (T)) 18-10, 2. Emigh (T) 17-11, 3. Updike (T) 17-6; Triple Jump-1. Glace (T) 40-5, 2. Etters (T) 39-1, 3. Emigh (T) 37-10; High Jump-1. Updike (T) 6-0, 2. Whitman (PO) 5-6, 3. Reihart (T) 5-6; Pole Vault-None; Shot Put-1. Mingle (T) 43-10, 2. Good (T) 40-9, 3. Golding (PO) 39-0; Discus-1. Golding (PO) 130-4, 2. Supko (PO) 123-0, 3. Dane (T) 111-2; Javelin-1. Mingle (T) 142-8, 2. Groff (PO) 116-3, 3. Golding (PO) 112-6.
Philipsburg-Osceola 128 Tyrone 13
100 Dash-1. Adams (PO) 13.57, 2. Conway (PO) 14/53 Josephson 14.95; 200 Dash-1. Eason (PO) 28.1, 2. Patrick (PO) 28.8, 3. Taylor (PO) 31.1; 400 Dash-1. Shields (T) 1:06, 2. Patrick (PO) 1:07.1, 3. Wasilko (PO) 1:08.66; 800 Run-1. Patrict (PO) 2:44, 2. Ritter (PO) 2:58, 3. Mecrsand (PO) 3:15; 1600 Run-1. Ritter (PO) 6:12, 2. Kombol (PO) 6:37, 3. Halter (T) 6:41; 3200 Run-1. Kitko (PO) 13:10, 2. Rebar (PO) 14:01, 3. Bauman (PO) 14:38; 100 Hurdles- 1. Dingey (PO) 19.25, 2. Wasnko (PO) 19.87, 3. Wood (PO) 20.0; 300 Low Hurdles-1. Dingey (PO) 56.38, 2. Wood (PO) 56.6, 3. Tingle (PO) 1:01; 3200 Relay-1. P-O (Miller, McKnight, Patrick, Bitter) 11:25; 1600 Relay-1. P-O (Patrict, Eason, Lugin, Taylor) 4:40; 400 Relay- P-O (Conway, Crain, Josephson, Shaw) 57:01; Long Jump-1. Adams (PO) 17-1, 2. Crain (PO) 15-4, 3. Conway (PO) 14-6; Triple Jump-1. Adams (PO) 34-6, 2. Conway (PO)) 32-6, 3. Emigh (T) 31-7; High Jump-1. Adams (PO) 4-10, 2. Burrows (PO) 4-6, 3. Emigh (T) 4-4; Pole Vault-None; Shot Put-1. Watkins (PO) 27-1, 2. Corrigan (PO) 23-9, 3. Yonushonis (PO) 22-8; Discus-1. Shaw (PO) 77-1, 2. Watkins (PO) 74-10, 3. Cox (PO) 72-7; Javelin-1. Ritter (PO) 91-3, 2. Yonushois (PO) 88-7, 3. Webster (PO) 69-11.