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TACO Fish Rodeo winners announced

Between 600 and 800 fish were added to Reservoir Park Lake around 6 p.m. Friday to get ready for the Tyrone Area Community Organization’s Annual Fish Rodeo that was held Saturday morning. At top, far right: Darin Hand, and son, Balin, three-years-old, are shown helping out. Then, on Saturday, the fish were biting for this group of young fishermen, who won trophies for their efforts. First row, from left: Kevin Lehner, Hannah McGuire, Gracey Walk, Heather Osterhout, Hayden Dixon, Jacob Hawn and Trinity Lingafelt. Second row: Julie Kaup, Leo Smith, Ty Snyder, Amber Chamberlin, Marcus Chamberlin, Kristen Johnson and Tristan Lingafelt. Third row: Curtis Hoover, Richard Crabtree, Kathy Leamer and Amy Weaver. (The Daily Herald/Virgie Werner) TACO awarded trophies after the Fish Rodeo to all the winners and served hot dogs, drinks and treats to all the participants. TACO expressed thanks to all who donated and helped out to make it such a successful event for all, kids and adults alike. Results of the fish rodeo: Marcus Chamberlin caught the first fish of the day, and Gracey Walk’s 14-inch-trout was the largest recorded for the event; Boys ages 1 through 4 – Hayden Dixon, largest fish and Jacob Hawn had total inches of fish caught; Girls ages 1 through 4 – Hannah McGuire, largest fish and Trinity Lingafelt, total inches; Boys ages 5 through 8 – Leo Smith, largest fish and Kevin Lehner, total inches; Girls ages 5 through 8 – Kristin Johnson, largest fish and Heather Osterhout, total inches; Boys ages 9 through 12 – Ty Snyder, largest fish and Tristan Lingafelt, total inches; Girls ages 9 through 12 – Julie Kaup, largest fish and Amber Chamberlin total inches; Boys 13 through 15 – Curtis Hoover, largest fish and Richard Crabtree, total inches and Girls 13 through 15 – Kathy Leamer, largest fish and Amy Weaver total inches.