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RadioShack in Tyrone aims to keep technology buying in the community

RadioShack has opened a new store location in Tyrone at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Third Street, across from Pizza Hut. The nation’s largest retailer of consumer electronics now offers its updated technological services and merchandise with a friendly community atmosphere.
Owner and store manager, Francois Weeseman, who is originally from Holland, moved to Tyrone in 2006 because he liked the people and the town. Weeseman ran a computer company, Distroteq LLC, but he wanted to get out of his office and interact with the local community – hence, he decided to open a RadioShack location in Tyrone.
Tyrone’s RadioShack offers more than 1,500 of the best-selling electronic products such as radio communications, telephones, cell phones, wireless accessories, home audio/video products and accessories, satellite radio, headphones, portable music, computers and accessories, and ink cartridges – along with numerous other items of the latest technology.
Some of RadioShack’s more popular items offered are digital cameras, GPS systems, and laptop computers. The store also has around 10 different models of AT&T cell phones, formerly Cingular, and some of the phones will be free with a new contract. There will also be Sprint, Nextel, and a full line of pre-paid products, such as Tracfone, Net10, and Virgin Mobile.
RadioShack carries Dish Network TV and Sirius Satellite Radio. The store also provides pre-paid airtime and bill paying, such as Comcast bills and Verizon telephone bills.
Customers also have the opportunity at RadioShack to purchase a digital converter box for those who have TV’s that work with the help of “rabbit ears” or a rooftop antenna. By February 17, 2009, all TV’s that are not digital have to be switched over due to the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005.
By coming into Tyrone’s RadioShack and asking for an application, people can apply for a $40 rebate coupon to save money on the digital converter box.
Weeseman provides a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful atmosphere for each individual customer. He prides himself on understanding what the customer needs, and to make sure the customer doesn’t buy something that is not needed.
“We try to keep our pricing competitive and fair with all the new technology we have here,” said Weeseman. “Plus, what you get here is good customer service. I intend to serve the people of Tyrone as well as I can.”
RadioShack will be holding an official “Grand Opening” in the coming weeks. There will be a $250 shopping spree given away, along with free flashlights to customers. Weeseman said the date for the grand opening will be advertised in The Daily Herald.
Presently, RadioShack is running a “while supplies last” promotion where if a customer spends $100 in the store on anything, the customer will receive a free and portable storage companion Kingston USB 2.0 1GB high speed flash drive, which is a $20 item. If a customer spends $250, a Kingston USB 2.0 2GB high speed flash drive will be given out free, which normally costs $40.
RadioShack’s store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or reach the store by phone at 814-684-2950.