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New PA law says only ‘refresher’ course needed for previous Seniors for Safe Driving participants

Many have probably seen listings in the newspaper announcing the Seniors for Safe Driving classes, offering seniors age 55 and older a discount on automobile insurance premiums.
A large number of individuals have also participated in such classes.
Now, the Pennsylvania law has changed as it relates to the Senior Driver Improvement Classes.
The program, which is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, qualifies seniors, age 55 and older, to receive a five percent discount on automobile insurance premiums across the board for a period of three years. This discount is mandated by Pennsylvania state law.
The two-day courses have been offered many times in Tyrone, with one class being held recently at Epworth Manor.
With the change in Pennsylvania law, individuals over 55 years of age who have successfully completed a Senior Education Program in the past, now only have to attend a one day refresher course to renew their insurance discount, as opposed to taking the two-day course again. The one-day course lasts a total of three and a half hours.
Seniors who have never participated in a Senior Driver Improvement Program in the past, must still attend a two-day seminar to earn the automobile insurance discount. The two-day course is a total of seven hours, broken down to three and a half hours each day.
The course covers a variety of topics and is designed to help participants do a better job: understanding the element of risk; managing the area around your vehicle with good visual techniques; sharing the highway with other drivers; managing vehicle speed; managing vehicle space as you share the road with others; handling driving emergencies; understanding and compensating for visual changes; understanding techniques for improving night vision and safety; understanding anti-lock braking systems; understanding supplemental inflatable restraint systems; understanding children and air bags – why they’re a dangerous combination; understanding Pennsylvania’s road signs; understanding seniors and prescription drug problems; understanding why expressway driving is a problem and understanding road rage related problems.
The course is presented in a non-threatening environment. The class is informative, entertaining, and there is no testing. There is no on the road driving. The course is strictly classroom theory. A nominal tuition fee is charged.
While none are currently scheduled, the class is often held in the Tyrone area, so interested individuals should keep watching for more information.
For those who have previously participated and don’t wish to wait, there will be a refresher class on May 13 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Home at Hollidaysburg, 220 Newry Street.
To register, call (800) 559-4880 or register online at or More information about the classes can also be found online.
Class sizes are limited and fill up fast so register early.