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Lady Eagles fall to P-O

The Tyrone girls softball team traveled to Philipsburg to play the defending PIAA state champion Lady Mountains of Philipsburg-Osceola. Central Pennsylvania girls softball is brutal with past district and state champs heavy on the Lady Eagles schedule. Thursday afternoon at P-O, was no different for the young Tyrone girls team, with just 11 players on the varsity roster.
P-O pitcher Brittany Murphy showed exactly how tough it can be, tossing her second consecutive one-hitter in defeating Tyrone 13-0.
“We played our best ball of the year. We made routine plays today,” said Tyrone coach Lois Loncher. “It was good to see the girls have a good game and gain confidence against a good team.”
Tyrone second baseman Amber Miller’s lead-off double to begin the third inning, was the Lady Eagles’ only base hit. Teanna Kobuck, who drew a walk was the Tyrone girls’ only other base runner.
Ariane Miller struck out one and walked six for the Lady Eagles. Murphy fanned nine batters and walked one for the Lady Mounties (2-1 overall, 2-1 Mountain League, Nittany Division).
Tyrone (0-5 overall, 0-4 Mountain League Nittany Division) will travel to play Southern Huntingdon in a non-league contest on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.
Tyrone – Am. Miller, 2b, 2-0-1; Ar. Miller, p, 2-0-0; Kobuck, cf, 1-0-0; Christine, c, 2-0-0; Harden, 3b, 2-0-0; Gardner, lf, 2-0-0; DeSoto, 1b, 2-0-0; Detwiler, rf, 2-0-0; Garbinsky, ss , 2-0-0. TOTALS 17-0-1.
Philipsburg – Gonder, 3b, 4-1-1; Kephart, lf, 3-2-1; Harpster, c, 4-2-3; Confer, 1b, 3-2-2; Bumgarger, cf, 2-2-1; Walstrom, ph, 1-1-1; Stout, ss, 4-1-1; Myers, 2b, 2-1-1; Tecinak, rf, 1-0-0; Wilson, ph, 1-1-1; Graham, dp, 2-1-0; Murphy, flex, p, 0-0-0. TOTALS 27-13-12.
Philipsburg 023 26 13-12-0.
Tyrone 000 00 0- 1-2
2B: (T) Am. Miller, (PO) Kephart, Walstrom, Myers.
Multiple Hits: (PO) Harpster 3, Confer 2.
RBI: (PO) Walstrom 3, Myers 3, Stout 3, Wilson 1.
SO: (T) Ar. Miller 1, (PO) Murphy 9.
BB: (T) Ar. Miller 6, (PO) Murphy 1.