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Bellwood-Antis and Tyrone Track and Field Teams compete under the sunshine and the Blue Devils sweep both meets

The field Participants of the 1600 meter run lline up at Tyrone during the Eagles annual showdown on the track with Backyard Brawl opponent Bellwood-Antis. From left are Dustin Pruznak, Ben Ingle, Ben Hatch and Richie Stever. Hatch won the race with Ingle second and Stever third. (The Daily Herald/Tony Yaniello) All alone Tyrone freshman Ashley Salyards won the 800 against Bellwood-Antis on Thursday at Tyrone. (The Daily Herald/Tony Yaniello) Waiting for the baton Bellwood-Antis senior Chelsea Wilson waits for the baton in the 1600 relay which was won by the Lady Blue Devils at Tyrone on Thursday. (The Daily Herald/Tony Yaniello)

Tyrone and Bellwood-Antis girls and boy’s teams have had some significant battles over the years for league honors. Coaches from both teams found it somewhat strange that this meet counted for nothing other than pride for both teams. Because of the new Mt. League changes Bellwood-Antis and Tyrone are no longer in the same league. Coaches from both teams were able to pull some kids and rest them from some events to insure they peak at the right time at the end of the season. “Sometime you want to win so bad in league meets that you ask some of your better athletes to do maybe more than they should,” Coach Yaniello said. “I know Nick, Julie and I were able to rest some of our kids that normally do 4 events in important meets. I was concerned with running Ben Ingle in four events after Tuesdays League meet and only let him do three, and I know the Bellwood coaches did the same with some of their kids. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted to win and our kids ran hard and did well in the field but Bellwood-Antis again has strong teams and their boys did win the District 6 championship last year and they seem to have picked up right where they left off.”
In the boys meet the Blue Devils dominated the relays sweeping all three and outscored Tyrone 63 to 24 on the track. For Bellwood-Antis, Lance Hughes won the 110 hurdles (15.83) and 300 hurdles (42.9), Ben Hatch placed 1st in the 800 (2:12) and 1600 (4:34), and Kyle Canfield won the 400 (56.8). Tyrone’s Larry Glace won the 100 (11.8) and 200(24.47), and Ben Ingle won the 3200 (10:39). Tyrone fared much better in the field outscoring the Blue Devils 34 to 29. Tyrone’s Robbie Hopkins won the pole vault (11-6), Kyle Updike was victorious in the high jump (5-10), Mark Mingle placed first in the shot put (45-8), and Larry Glace won his third event in the triple jump (38-7). Blue Devil winners in the field were, Collier in the long jump (18-8 ), Jenkins in the discus (108-5), and Lucas in the Javelin (137’)
“Our kids had a good team win,” said Bellwood-Antis boys coach Nick Lovrich. “We had lots of personal bests and that’s what we work for-to do better in each meet during the season and peak for the districts and big invitationals at the end of the season. The kids were pretty fired up. Anytime we play Tyrone, in any sport, even if it was ‘tidly winks’.
Lance Hughes and Patrick McCloskey did a good job in the hurdles. Lance has had that ‘bug’ where he wants to keep improving his times. Every hurdler has his personal best in the meet. Lance and Patrick are showing leadership, bringing the younger kids around.”
Bellwood-Antis girls dominated the meet against the short handed Lady Eagles 129 to 20. Tyrone’s only wins came from Lizzie Shields in the 200 (28.0) and freshman Ashley Salyards in the 800 (2:53). Tyrone was unable to field any relay teams. For the Lady Blue Devils Emily Stapleton won the 1600 (6:12) and the 3200 (12:06), Emily O’Shea won the 100 hurdles (16.64) and 300’s (54.9). Chelsea Wilson placed first in the 400 (1:02), and Jannell Wilt won the 100 (13.31). Bellwood-Antis girls swept the field events with double winners Victoria Lombardo in triple Jump (28-5) and long Jump (12-11), and Liz Erickson won the shot put (27-9) and discus (87-0). Kristyn Ginter won the javelin (109-10), Crystal Sinisi placed first in the pole vault (7-6), and Allison McMillan won the high jump (4-2).
“We had a pretty well all-around effort, and several of our younger, less-experienced girls got the opportunity to perform,” said B-A girls coach Julia Roseborough. “Tyrone has some nice athletes. They have Lizzie Shields and the Salyards girl, who is only a freshman and they missed Rachel Emigh. I wish they could have put more girls on the field, that would have made the meet more competitive.”
Bellwood-Antis 92 Tyrone 52
100 Dash-1. Glace (T) 11.8, 2. Kalinosky (BA) 11.81, 3. Humphreys (BA) 12.1; 200 Dash-1. Glace (T) 24.47, 2. Kalinosky (BA) 24.7, 3. Collier (BA) 24.78; 400 Dash-1. Canfield (BA) 56.8, 2. Wertz (BA) 57.53, 3. Kruis (T) 58.81; 800 Run-1. Hatch (BA) 2:12, 2. Hunter (BA) 2:22, 3. Tomchick (BA) 2:23; 1600 Run-1. Hatch (BA) 4:34, 2. Ingle (T) 4:48, 3. Stever (T) 4:55; 3200 Run-1. Ingle (T) 10:39, 2. Stever (T) 10:57, 3. Campbell (BA) 11:21; 110 High Hurdles-1. Hughes (BA) 15.83, 2. McCloskey (BA) 16.83, 3. Harrity (BA) 17.27; 300 IM Hurdles-1. Hughes (BA) 42.9, 2. McCloskey (BA) 44.28, 3. Black (T) 46.81; 3200 Relay-1. (BA) (Tomchik, Taylor, Wertz, Pruznak) 8:55; 1600 Relay-1. (BA) (Canfield, Hunter, Wertz, Mattern) 3:58; 400 Relay- (BA) (Kalinosky, McCaulley, Humphreys, Dixon) 47.73; Long Jump-1. Collier (BA) 18-8, 2. Updyke (T) 18-6, 3. Humphries (BA) 17-7; Triple Jump-1. Glace (T) 38-7, 2. Harrity (BA) 37-10, 3. Reihart (T) 37-5 ; High Jump-1. Updike (T) 5-10, 2. Reihart (T) 5-8, 3. Montgomery (BA) 5-4; Pole Vault-1. Hopkins (T) 11-6, 2. Fink (BA) 11-6), 3. Canfield (BA) 11-0; Shot Put-1. Mingle (T) 45-8, 2. Jenkins (BA) 41-6, 3. Geis (BA) 41-2; Discus-1. Jenkins (BA) 108-5, 2. Dane (T) 107-6, 3. Geis (BA) 106-1; Javelin-1. Lucas (BA) 137-0, 2. Mingle (T) 136-4, 3. Barnhart (T) 126-6.
Bellwood-Antis 129 Tyrone 20
100 Dash-1. Wilt (BA) 13.31, 2. Nevling (BA) 13:33 3. Daugherty (T) 14.64; 200 Dash-1. Shields (T) 28.0, 2. Wilt (BA) 28.2, 3. Nevling (BA) 28.38; 400 Dash-1. Wilson (BA) 1:02, 2. Shields (T) 1:05.1, 3. Morrissey (BA) 1:08; 800 Run-1. Salyer (T) 2:53, 2. Lantz (BA) 3:05, 3. Morrissey (BA) 3:23; 1600 Run-1. Stapleton (BA) 6:12, 2. Killinger (BA) 6:25 3. Halter (T) 6:29; 3200 Run-1. Stapleton (BA) 12:06, 2. Halter (T) 15:29, 3. none; 100 Hurdles-1.O’Shea (BA) 16.64, 2. Lechner (BA) 17.78, 3. Greene (BA) 18.28; 300 Low Hurdles-1. O’Shea (BA) 54.9, 2. Greene (BA) 56.2, 3. Post (BA) 57:9; 3200 Relay-1. (BA) (Killinger, Lantz, Morrissey, Post) 13:53; 1600 Relay-1. (BA) (Wilt, Nevling, Wilson, O’Shea) 5:30; 400 Relay- (BA) (Lechner, Wilt, O’Shea, Nevling) 53:53; Long Jump-1. Lombardo (BA) 12-11, 2. Ginter (BA) 11-11, 3. Ford (T) 11-8; Triple Jump-1. Lombardo (BA) 28-5, 2. Lechner (BA) 27-5, 3. Ginter (BA) 26-5; High Jump-1. McMillan (BA) 4-2, 2. Davensizer (BA) 4-0, 3. Caporuscio (BA) 3-10; Pole Vault-1. Sinisi (BA) 7-6), 2. Decker (BA) 7-0, 3. Hinterberger (BA) 6-0; Shot Put-1. Erickson (BA) 27-9, 2. Decker (BA) 24-9 , 3. Lewis (T) 24-3; Discus-1. Erickson (BA) 87-0 , 2. Decker (BA) 78-10, 3. Hunter (BA) 66-8; Javelin-1. Ginter (BA) 109-10, 2. Cherry (BA) 79-10, 3. Sinisi (BA) 78-4.