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CYBL champions

The results are in from the CYBL (Christian Youth Basketball League). The league championships were last Friday (March 14th). This is the fourth year of the CYB (Christian Youth Basketball League). The CYBL is comprised of teams from Tyrone and Bellwood and has two divisions (Rec. Division and Competitive Division). This year there were four teams in the Rec division and six teams in the Competitive Division. The champions of the Rec Division were the Joshua House Lions. For the second straight year, the Joshua House Ballers won the Competitive Division. The all-star games will be played March 28th at the Northern Blair Rec Center. The Rec division all-star game starts at 6:30pm and the Competitive division all-star game is at 7:30pm. The Ballers (top), Front Row from left to right: Matt Christine, Jon Harris, Mike Cain, Dustin Rudasill. Second row: Mike Haupt, Derik Cruz, Fu Williams, Jon Hampton, and Coach Theron Glenny. The Lions (below), Front Row from left to right: Dillon Watters, Derrick Wilson. Second row: Dave Rodland, Cory Snyder, Jalen Campbell, Jalen Oliver, Jared Shaffer, and Coach Derick Cruz. (The Daily Herald/Courtesy Photos)