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The Blotter

Verbal altercation
On Feb. 25, state police reported Richard D. Campbell, 41, Tyrone was charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and harassment after a verbal altercation on Creamer Lane in Antis Twp. with Tammi Jo Barrett, 33, Tyrone and Timothy J. Ickes, 35, Tyrone. Campbell, who was allegedly in an intoxicated state, continuously threatened Ickes with physical contact while following Ickes and Barrett to their residence. Campbell then proceeded to use his F-250 truck to block the driveway leading to the Ickes’s residence.

Stole prescription pad
State police reported on Feb. 26 that a known actor illegally obtained a prescription pad from the office of Dr. Lawrence Levinson of Tipton, then filled out a prescription, representing that Dr. Levinson filled it out. The actor then obtained the prescription from the pharmacy inside Martins Grocery Store. This investigation is continuing.

A crash occurred along SR 0220 in Antis Twp. on Feb. 28 when Christopher S. Gummo, 31, Tyrone was traveling out of the Martins store onto SR 0220 to travel north and Christy L. Nau, 26, Tyrone was traveling south on SR 0220. Nau was changing lanes into the left lane when Gummo pulled out in front of her vehicle. The front of Nau’s vehicle impacted with the left front side of Gummo’s vehicle. Both vehicles came to rest at point of impact. Both drivers were wearing seat belts.

Slid on ice
On Feb. 28, state police reported that John E. Garman, 78, Altoona was traveling west on TR 483, Riggles Gap Rd. in Antis Twp. when his vehicle slid on a patch of ice and went off the north side of the road. Garman and his vehicle rolled over onto its side and came to rest facing west. No injuries were reported and Garman was wearing his seat belt.