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TASD second marking period Renaissance Stars announced

Renaissance Stars Tyrone Area School District 2007-08 Renaissance Stars were recently announced for the second marking period. In front, from left is Keturah Weaver, Kristen Miller, Kyle Seeger, Alishia Couch, Sierah Bogel, Darren Reese and Kayla Barony. In back, Justin Replogle, Samantha Emeigh, Kylie Ash, Tyler Grazier, Evan Brush and Katie Twigg. Missing from the photo is: Brandon Fink, Josh Hoover and David Rudy. (The Daily Herald/Amanda Golden)

The Tyrone Area School District Renaissance Education Foundation recently announced the second marking period Renaissance Stars for the 2007-08 school year.
Tyrone Middle and High School teachers nominated 16 students for recognition due to their outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude or overall improvement.
Fifth grader Alisha Couch was chosen by her teacher, Mrs. Lake.
“Alisha displays a unique, caring attitude toward others especially those who are less fortunate,” said Lake, “Her sensitivity and willingness to help others deserves positive recognition.”
Kyle Seeger was chosen by Mrs. Schultz as a Renaissance Star. She said Kyle works hard to complete class work with a positive attitude everyday in all subject areas.
Additionally, he is always willing to serve as a peer tutor and demonstrates concern for others.
Sierah Bogel, a sixth grader, was chosen by Mr. Bouslough, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Conrad and Mr. Stoner. The teachers agreed she has a strong work ethic, cares about her work, always completes her homework on time and does her best.
Mr. Bouslough, Mrs. Conrad and Mr. Stoner also chose Darren Reese as a Renaissance Star. They said Darren has shown improvement in his language arts classes and he is motivated to complete his homework on time. They also said he is a helpful student. Many times he will put something away or clean something up without being asked to do so. The teachers said his willingness to help and to achieve academically makes Darren a good sixth grade citizen.
Seventh grader Brandon Fink was chosen by Mrs. Johnson, Miss Johnston, Mrs. DelBaggio and Mr. Loth. They feel Brandon is a student who has demonstrated hard work and determination result in higher academic achievement and he is to be commended for his effort.
Keturah Weaver was also chosen as a Renaissance Star this marking period. Mrs. DelBaggio, Mrs. Gerharts, Miss Johnston and Mr. Loth feel Keturah is a very conscientious student who excels in the classroom. By working hard, actively participating in class and promptly completing her assignments, she provides a good role model for others.
The eighth grade teaching team chose Kayla Barony and Justin Replogle as Renaissance Stars. They said Kayla has demonstrated excellent characteristics in class in terms of participation, work and effort. They felt Justin has demonstrated tremendous effort to improve his academic performance and behavior both in and out of class.
Ninth grader Samantha Emeigh has been selected as a Star by her teacher, Mrs. Burket.
“Sam has shown tremendous intellectual curiosity in U.S. History class,” said Burket.
“Once she asked to borrow a Holocaust novel that my Academy class was reading…She handed the novel to me the next day because she had read the entire book the night before. Great job, Samantha.”
Another ninth grader, Kristen Miller, was chosen by Mrs. Caton who said, “Kristen is an amazing student in math. She always completes her work and seeks me out when she has questions. She’s a wonderful example to all of the students in my math lass. She is a very conscientious student.”
Art teacher, Mr. Feather, chose sophomore Kylie Ash for the honor of Renaissance Star.
“Kylie is uncommonly talented and conducts herself with poise and confidence in the classroom.”
He continued to describe Kylie saying, “She is a tremendous role model for her fellow students.”
Math teacher, Ms. Haid, nominated Tyler Grazier for the Star honor this marking parking.
“Tyler is a very good student. He always completes his work, turns it in on time and does it correctly.”
She said one of Tyler’s best qualities is that he always tried to help the students who are having difficulty.
“On numerous occasions I have seen him tutoring other students during homework time.”
Miss Dobrowolsky, English teacher, chose eleventh grader Evan Brush for Star recognition.
“Evan is an ambitious, eager, hard-working student that took a difficult course load in order to learn.
“He reads novels on his own and asks teachers from previous years to analyze themes. He has applied for Governor’s School.”
She added that he never stops asking questions, “He always wants multiple authoritative sources.”
Josh Hoover was selected by his teacher, Mr. Krupp, who said Josh has been a model student.
“He has taken on additional responsibilities within the classroom and has grown to become a leader. His attitude and willingness to learn are what sets Josh apart.”
Mrs. Kathy Beigle reports that senior David Rudy is one of the most conscientious students.
“He not only gives all each and every assignment, but he is also polite, caring and always has a smile ready.” She said David is a pleasure to have in class.
The final student selected as a Renaissance Star for the 2007-08 second marking period is senior Katie Twigg.
Katie was selected by architectural drawing teacher, Mr. Brown.
He described Katie, saying, “She is pleasant in demeanor and has a very easy smile. Her dedicated effort ensures that she completes class work on time and demonstrates creativity in assignments.
“She is intrigued by new tools in class and quite adept in developing skills to use them whether it be model building, constructing electrical circuits, setting up her laser levels or using computer software to design plan layouts or other software to detail construction components.”
He continued, “Katie is respectful, helpful, cooperative and works well individually or in group situations. As a teacher at Tyrone, it is my pleasure to have students such as Katie, with her many qualities, in my class.”
Congratulations to all the new “Stars”.