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Sunday night services at First Assembly of God in Tyrone

Pastor William Glunt of First Assembly of God in Tyrone has been preaching a Sunday night series of messages based upon St. Paul’s letters to the churches.
He has shared from the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and just completed Colossians.
Pastor Glunt has been sharing that Paul’s messages to the church in his day, are just as relevant to the church today. And, many of the same problems faced by those churches, are faced by modern day churches.
Some topics covered have been: Christian spies, the law versus faith, the blessings of adoption, thins to do and not to do and things to put on and things to take off.
Pastor Glunt said, “We are pleased to say we still have a Sunday evening service at First Assembly of God, and we welcome any or all to come join with us to hear these vital messages each Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m.
“Along with this series of messages, Sunday nights at First Assembly offer an informal time of worship.”
He continued, saying, “Those present are allowed to pick the hymns they would like to sing, and those desiring to do so are encouraged to share testimonies of God’s goodness in their lives.”
First Assembly will also host special guest speakers on February 17 at 6:30 p.m.
Steve and Lori Potutschnig, who, along with their four children, are missionaries to the country of Bolivia.
They will share their experiences as coordinators for Latin American Child Care (LACC) and are also involved in Bible school training. They currently oversee six LACC schools in the country of Bolivia and are helping to establish two new Bible schools in the country, one of which is in the Amazon Basin.
Pastor Glunt of First Assembly welcomes all to come and hear these fine missionary speakers.
First Assembly is located at 12th Street and Blair Avenue in Tyrone.