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Cold temperatures, more snow ahead

The cold temperatures seem to be sticking around the area, with today’s highs only expected to reach the mid-20s.
More snow is also expected to visit the area, as tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow, possibly mixed with rain, in the afternoon. An accumulation of two to four inches is possible, with temperatures reaching the mid 30s.
Scattered snow showers are expected for Friday night, with lows in the mid 20s.
According to, cold and windy conditions are expected in other regions of the country as well, including the Midwest and Northeast.
The blustery conditions will spread across the Midwest and Northeast today, while the cold air plunges as far south as central Florida.
Cold air and gusty winds through Thursday will spread from the Plains to the East Coast, with temperatures that will feel colder than the actual readings. The cold air will pave the way for the Alberta Clipper that will drop out of Canada’s Prairie Provinces tonight. The clipper will have little moisture available as it moves from the Plains to the East.
The clipper will reach the lower Great Lakes by Friday morning and New England by Friday night.
According to Expert Senior Meteorologist, John Kocet, the storm will intensify as it reaches New England, with the potential of up to eight inches of snow from northern Massachusetts to northern Maine.