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Area soldier dies in Iraq

Another area soldier died this week during operations in Iraq, according to U.S. Army officials. Media relations officer Benjamin Abel at Fort Drum, N.Y., reported this morning that Army Spc. Timothy Van Orman, 24, formerly of Port Matilda, was killed in action Wednesday. No further information regarding his death was released.
Van Orman, a 2002 graduate of Bald Eagle Area High School, was well-liked and very musical, participating in the district’s instrumental music program, according to Bald Eagle Area School District superintendent Daniel F. Fisher.
“He was a good student, a solid student, very active in the school’s band program,” Fisher said in a telephone interview Thursday. “He played in jazz band and concert band; he’ll be missed by a lot of people.”
Scott Sheehan, Van Orman’s former band director who now directs the Hollidaysburg Area School District’s music program, said it was a pleasure working with and knowing Tim.
“Tim was the kind of student who poured his whole heart into everything,” Sheehan said. “He was an excellent trombone player and participated in jazz band, symphonic band and marching band. He took it very seriously but at the same time, he knew how to have fun with it.
“He set a good example for other students and had a great drive about him as a person. He enjoyed being around other people and had a really great spirit. He’s the type of person the Bald Eagle Area School District is very proud of, both as a former student and for serving his country.
“All of us who knew him are deeply saddened over his loss but at the same time it’s comforting to know he was making a difference in this world defending our country.
“I’m very proud of what he did.”
Van Orman was an infantry soldier with the 10th Mountain Division, stationed at Fort Drum. He joined the Army in 2003 shortly after graduating from high school, his mother, Kelly Van Orman, said Wednesday.
Van Orman grew up in Port Matilda and moved to Fort Drum upon enlistment where he lived with his wife, Cadie, and their daughter, Halie.