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What a career! Steve Catich, both a 1,000 point scorer and great leader

Last Tuesday, Steve Catich crept over the 1,000-point barrier that everyone was expecting this season. It took the senior just over half a season to rack up 295 points and his 1,000th career point.
Catich not only is a dominant force on offense, but also has proven he knows how to help win games. The Golden Eagles are 10-3 this season and off to one of their best starts in many years. Several of the players have recognized his efforts on and off the court and show their gratitude in his accomplishment in reaching 1,000 points.
“He’s a great person and is always there to lend wise advice to other players,” senior Johnny Franco stated. “It is a big help having someone on your team who can score like Steve. From the time he picked up a ball, I knew he would reach 1,000 points. It was just a matter of time in reaching it.”
His play on the court is astonishing, averaging over 24 points a game. Catich takes control of the tempo and tends to keep it on Tyrone’s side; this is what every team wants and needs on their roster.
Travis Peterman stated about his fellow teammate, “He is simply amazing. It’s an honor to be playing with one of the best players to come out of Tyrone Area. He is a great player and a great friend. You can always count on Steve when you need him.”
Not only has he reached a milestone at Tyrone, but he has also made a name for himself with his teammates, fans and friends. You will always see him smiling and is never causing any sort of trouble on or off the court. He is a genuine all-around nice guy.
Steve started playing basketball under Scott Dane on a Party Light team at the YMCA. This was where a lot of young stars from Tyrone started out as well.
Catich gives other defenders nightmares when they line up across from him in the game, so who wants to guard Catich at practice?
“Matt Murray usually tries to stop him,” Peterman said, “and it usually works. He helps Steve get more physical on offense.”
Ben Ingle stated, “I do, I just try to keep him from getting the ball.”
“Murray tries to stop him, and sometimes works,” Brandon Gehret stated, “because he pushes him when he gets by.”
So, with that said, few Tyrone players have completely stated that they can stop Catich. He is a phenomenal player and is very consistent. Stopping him will land you a starting spot on any team at this level, and maybe even a collegiate level.
Tyrone’s head boys coach, George Gripp stated, “When Steve needs to take his game to the next level, he knows exactly how to do it. He has our back in every game when we need him most. Over this year’s season, he has came in and hit clutch shots and picked up the momentum several times for us. It was nice to see him reach 1,000 points and keep his focus on the game, not the points. He always had a mindset to win basketball games, and this year he has proven his ability to take control of the game at any point in time on the court.”
Catich has achieved many accomplishments as a player at Tyrone, but one that sticks out the most for him was, “Winning athlete of the week and getting to play basketball with all of my friends.”
A group that has stuck together and grew strong chemistry has finally arrived for Tyrone basketball. Catich is the leader of the pack, and will continue to be a great leader.
“Steve has the ability to score at anytime against any defender,” Ingle stated.
Well, whatever Catich does in life, Tyrone basketball will never forget the time and effort he has put in to reach his goals. Every young individual that pursues a goal in life can achieve it, use Catich as a great example.
Familiar sight: In this file photo, we find Steve Catich sighting up a basket. That has been something a lot of Tyrone fans have loved and opposing players and coaches hated over his high school career. Catich passed the 1,000 point mark this week. (The Daily Herald/File Photo)