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Tyrone Police investigating 15 reported incidents of criminal mischief; Crime Solvers of Blair County puts up reward

The Tyrone Police Department and the Crime Solvers of Blair County have teamed up in the police investigation of multiple reported incidents of criminal mischief within Tyrone Borough.
From December 18 to December 29, 2007, fifteen incidents were reported to police, with most of the incidents occurring on the east end of Tyrone. Actor(s) damaged, smashed or cut expensive Christmas decorations and lights, and in one incident a section of rain spouting was also reported to have been damaged at a residence.
Tyrone Police Chief Joe Beachem said, “Fifteen calls is obviously a great irritation for the people who are trying to celebrate the season and spent money to decorate their homes – it’s a quality of life issue were dealing with.”
“We want the people to know that we do care about these types of issues,” said Beachem. “We’re taking a serious stance to this investigation and we want to figure out who is responsible.”
The police department’s stance now involves the Crime Solvers of Blair County who have declared this matter as the “Crime of the Week.” The organization has offered a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest in this matter in the Tyrone Borough.
Beachem feels that having the Crime Solvers involved will perhaps lead to an arrest, since the reward is a enticing amount. A lot of time in cases like this, it only takes one person to say that they heard something or heard somebody say they did something; and then the police can close the case and eliminate the quality of life issue that concerns residents.
“We have some suspicions, but I wouldn’t call them leads,” said Beachem. “We’re just hoping someone will step forward and maybe the reward will be incentive enough to help us figure out who was responsible.”
“We’ve had fifteen calls in less than two weeks and a lot of people are upset, and I don’t blame them.”
Beachem was thankful that Crime Solvers of Blair County gave the department a chance to put this criminal mischief issue out there to the public.
He added, “These are the kind of things we want to concentrate on. Unfortunately, these things were done late at night. It’s a huge irritation to property owners and the police department.”
To report information for this crime or any other crimes in Blair County, call Crime Solvers of Blair County at 1-800-422-8802. Persons offering information may remain anonymous.