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Tyrone Elementary wrestlers travel

Members of the Elementary Wrestling program traveled to West Branch, on December 15 to participate in their tournament. In the 6 and under, Issac Parks placed second. Derrick Harris wrestled in the 7-8 age group, Mckay Skelton, Brian Gunter, Ty Snyder and Nick Getz all wrestled in the 9-10 age group. Ty and Nick both placed fourth. Elijah Sleeth wrestled in the 11-12 age group.
On December 29, Issac Parks and Donnie Lingenfelter, in the 6 and under-age group, Brian Gunter, in the 7-8 age group and Lance Loose in the 9-10 age group, all traveled to Bellefonte to enter the Larry Fornicola Tournament.
Donnie Lingenfelter placed second and Brian Gunter placed third.