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Tyrone Borough Council re-organizes; approves police contract

Last evening Tyrone Borough Council held its organization of council and regular meeting.
Newly elected councilpersons Patricia S. Stoner and Mark Kosoglow were sworn into council, along with re-elected members Jennifer Bryan and Steve Hanzir.
Bill Latchford was nominated by Hanzir to remain as council vice-president; Kosoglow seconded the motion and the council approved the motion unanimously.
Councilperson Stoner motioned to council to revert back to two monthly meetings, suggesting a work session along with the regular meeting, both of course publicly available to attend. The work session would be the first Monday of the month and the regular meeting would be held the second Monday of the month – a schedule that was used in the past.
Council unanimously voted to approve holding two monthly meetings beginning in February 2008.
Council also approved unanimously a vendor for controllers for the five fire sirens located in the borough. The lowest bidder was Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc. out of Pittsburgh, bidding $7,970.05 for the fire alarm controllers.
The decision allows the installation of controllers on all sirens so that the 911 Center can implement both the regular fire siren as well as the emergency siren for life threatening events. Each call will have its own distinct sound.
Tyrone Borough EMA Director, Jeffrey Watson was please with council decision saying, “It was sort of a rough process because the equipment distributors are sort of tight in the area and it was tough for me to get the three bids, but Glick came in with the lowest bid and hopefully we’ll have them installed by April if the weather goes okay.”
Once installed, the borough won’t have to worry about phone lines or anything of that nature going down during the stages of an emergency.
Also approved by council last night was the police contract. It’s a five year agreement with a three percent hourly wage increase each year.
Mayor James Kilmartin said he was pleased to come to an agreement with the police force to have an accepted contract and be able to move forward.
“Anytime you can come to an agreement and not have to go through arbitration, then that’s a positive on both sides,” said Kilmartin. “It’s hopefully a win/win for both sides.”
In other business, council approved Aaron M. Craig to the Zoning Hearing Board. Council approved Borough Forester Paul Noll to begin the gypsy moth egg mass count at a cost of around $5,000. A request from TACO for a donation of a swimming pool pass for the radio auction was also approved.
Council did approve Resolution No. 2008-01 – Homeowners & Banks Protection Act. Kilmartin, Hanzir and Kosoglow voted “no” due to what each of them felt as lack of information on the resolution.
Being sworn-in: Tyrone Borough had four, four-year term council seats that were filled last evening. Those voted in were Jennifer Bryan, Patricia Stoner, Stephen Hanzir and Mark Kosoglow. Shown are Stoner and Kosoglow. (The Daily Herald/Kris Yaniello)