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Stealing heating fuel oil
State police reported on January 5 that Stephen L. Lipiello, 38, Altoona was portrayed on surveillance video carrying away several containers of heating fuel and aluminum wheels from Forshey’s Auto Salvage in Antis Township. The Pinecroft United Methodist Church was also a victim of approximately 200 gallons of heating oil being stolen.

Stole flat screen TV
On January 6, state police stated unknown actor(s) forcibly entered the residence of Scott Allen Borgess, Arch Street, Tyrone and proceeded to remove a large 32 inch flat screen television. The TV is valued at $1,300.

Uninvited visitor
State police reported on January 7 that an unknown actor entered the residence of Chalmer Breon, along Grazierville Road, in Tyrone. The actor was standing in the living room of Breon’s residence when Breon noticed the actor. The actor fled the residence and went to a vehicle which was parked south of the residence. This investigation is continuing.