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Students learn about the importance of dairy products

Froggy 98 sponsor Allied Milk Producers presented a program for students at St. Matthew’s School in Tyrone on Thursday.
Dorothy Naugle talked to students about the benefits of dairy products, especially calcium, a mineral in milk which helps create strong bones and teeth.
Naugle used an apple to represent the Earth, slicing it into quarters to help explain how the Earth is actually made up of three-fourths water and one-fourth land.
She told students, of the one-fourth of the Earth that is land, a quarter of it is too steep, a quarter is too dry and a quarter is too swampy so caring for the Earth is vital to keep air and water clean.
She also pointed out the land needs special care too.
Naugle also shared various other demonstrations with students, pointing out the importance of good nutrition, saying “you never outgrow your need for milk.”
Following her demonstrations, Naugle played a “Simon Says” type game with students having them sit down if they did not drink milk yesterday or to raise their right hand if they ate cheese today.
Finally, Naugle read a book about cows to students and discussed the different types of cows, as well as how cows produce milk.
Presentation at St. Matthew’s Students at St. Matthew’s learned about the importance of dairy products from Dorothy Naugle, of Allied Milk Producers, who visited the school on Thursday. Pictured is Naugle with students Sarah Parker (sixth grade), Joe Beachem (fifth grade), Emily Beam (fourth grade), Nathan Hormell (third grade), Laura Gunter (second grade), Logan McKernan (first grade), Emily Detwiler (Kindergarten) and Meredith Harris (Pre K). (The Daily Herald/Amanda Golden)