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Special church service

This coming Sunday, in anticipation of the solemn season of Lent, Tyrone Presbyterians will move their Ash Wednesday evening service of Repentance and Reconciliation to 10:30 on the Sunday morning of February 3.
Reflecting on the Pre-Lenten service of February 3, Reverend Liller offered this insight: “Since Ash Wednesday 2008 occurs in bleak mid-winter, we reasoned that an Ash Wednesday evening service could create weather or working challenges for some folks. Instead, Presbyterians moved their Ash Wednesday evening service to a 10:30 Sunday morning service on February 3, so that without hindrance, people could come in a spirit of Lenten repentance and reconciliation to the altar of God, where Christ promises mercy and grace for all in time of need.”
This Lent, why not avail yourself of this promise?