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Parental involvement: A big part of school life

Nicole and Emily Detwiler Joe, Joseph, Ann and Miranda Beachem
Deborah and Sarah Zakrzwski

In honor of Catholic Schools Week, which is scheduled for January 27 through February 1, parents at St. Matthew School discussed why they feel the school is such an asset to their children’s education.
Furthermore, Father Joseph Orr pointed out that students at St. Matthew’s come from a variety of backgrounds, including many non-Catholic students.
The St. Matthew mission statement says it is “A Catholic elementary school offering pre-kindergarten through grade six to the children of Tyrone and the surrounding areas. Children of all faiths are welcome into our small, family-centered school environment.
“We believe that the family is the heart of our school community where we help each student grow to his or her full potential academically, spiritually and emotionally as they become a vital member of the family of God in our community.”
Joe and Ann Beachem of Tyrone are parents of first grader, Miranda, and fifth grader, Joseph.
“We’ve been here at the school since our son has been in Kindergarten,” said Ann. “We just love it. It’s like a big family.”
“I like the attention each student gets, and the parents and teachers both know where the kids are at in their progress,” added Joe.
Nicole Detwiler, parent of Kindergarten student Emily, added, “It’s also a big plus as parents to know that Christian, morale values will be taught in the schools.”
The parents added that other benefits at St. Matthew School include smaller class sizes, lots of one-on-one time for teachers and students, the hot lunch program, a strong curriculum, and many school activities such as the annual talent show, Christmas program and participation in both the Halloween and Christmas parades.
Ann also pointed out, “The teachers are good at communicating with the parents, and the communication line is always open.”
“There’s lots of options for parents to come into school and help out,” Nicole continued.
They all agreed that parental involvement is a big part of the family-centered school environment.
Deborah Zakrzwski is a parent to St. Matthew student, Sarah. Deborah also substitute teaches at St. Matthew’s.
She said there are so many things she likes about St. Matthew School.
“The education the students get here is a foundation not just for now, but for the rest of their lives,” said Deborah. “In today’s world, you have to give children a good foundation.”
She added that most all the kids from preschool through sixth grade know each other, and they all look out for each other, adding, “These kids are one big family.”
Deborah also wanted to stress that, “Father Orr will not deny any child from coming to St. Matthew’s, tuition-wise or otherwise.”
In honor of Catholic Schools week, St. Matthew School in Tyrone has a week filled with various activities planned.
Things will kick off on Sunday, January 27 with mass at 10:30 a.m., followed by an open house and registration for the 2008-09 school year.
Registration will be held in the Gathering Space until 1 p.m.
Students will dress up for the event, wearing their school uniforms to Mass. Following, teachers will be available in their rooms for the open house until 1 p.m.
This event is a great opportunity for new parents and students to meet the staff and see the school.
The public is also invited to attend. Take a walk through the new building and see what this Catholic school is all about.