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Tyrone middle and high school students get motivated

Tyrone Area Middle and High School students had the opportunity last Thursday morning to watch the “most powerful motivational program in the world” from Motivational Productions, a non-profit organization created and founded on the principles of faith, honesty, integrity, loyalty and love.
Motivational Productions’ mission is to “inspire, motivate and encourage all individuals regardless of race, age or gender to accept and strive for nothing less than excellence throughout all life’s endeavors.”
The program is a multimedia presentation with carefully developed curricula.
The fifth and sixth grade students watched an assembly entitled “Count on Me”. The production was about responsibility, using real-life stories, spectacular movie clips, animation and vibrant music, taking students in and out of a splash comic book world while following a day in the life of “Josh”, an irresponsible fifth grader. During the production, the spunky host got the inside scope from kids, parents, teachers and celebrities, telling the students what responsibility is really about.
The seventh and eighth graders and the ninth through 12th grade students watched a production entitled “Behind the Faces”, where three different examples of friendship (foolish, fake and real) and what to expect from them, was presented. The program featured real life examples of bad friendships that went wrong, and others that will motivate and inspire students to consider who they call “friend”, and how to be a valued friend themselves.
Shown is the senior high assembly where the program talked about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.