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Tree of Light ceremony a warming success

Special ceremony: Shown are students of St. Matthew’s School Choir with their choir director Karen Mayhew as they prepare for their vocal performance at the Tyrone Hospital Development Council’s Tree of Light ceremony. In the background is one of the holiday trees bearing angels purchased through donations. Also pictured is Sierra Morrison of Tyrone at the Tree of Light ceremony as she selects a spot for her angel on one of the trees. Sierra’s family honored her by making a donation to the Tree of Light and placing her name on an angel. (Courtesy photo)

It was blustery and snowy Monday night but the main lobby at Tyrone Hospital was filled with warm hearts, glowing faces, and the heavenly sound of children’s voices as the Tyrone Hospital Development Council conducted its 7th annual Tree of Light ceremony.
The ceremony included comments made by Randy Miles, Sr., Development Council Chairman; Phil DeHaas, Vice President of the hospital’s board of directors and Walter S. Van Dyke, the hospital’s CEO. A spiritual message was delivered by retired Chaplain Joan Smith. Vocal selections were provided by the St. Matthew’s School choir. The student choir from St. Matthew’s has performed at the ceremony for the past several years.
The Tree of Light ceremony is held annually in conjunction with the Development Council’s Annual Tree of Light fundraiser to benefit Tyrone Hospital. Individuals may make a donation to place an angel on holiday trees located in the hospital’s main lobby. The angels may bear the names of loved ones living, those who are deceased, or the name of a business or organization. During the ceremony, a 35-foot spruce tree located in front of the hospital’s main entrance is illuminated in white lights and remains illuminated throughout the holiday season.
Donations to the Tree of Light will be used to buy trapezius bed assemblies for use on patient beds. The trapezius bed assemblies are accessories that hang above a patient’s bed. Patients grab onto the trapeze to change their position in bed and to provide assistance to get out of bed and into a chair. The estimated cost to purchase this equipment is $3,000.
Angels may be purchased for the Tree of Light through the end of December. Forms are available for pick-up in the main lobby of the hospital or by calling the hospital’s marketing office at 684-6348. The donation for each name being honored or remembered is $5 or more.