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Steve Michaels receives ‘Outstanding Citizen Award’

Radio station WTRN 1340 recently presented the Outstanding Citizen Award for December, 2007 to Steve Michaels.
The award presented to Michaels reads as follows:
“Three generations of Tyroners have seen Steve on the sidelines at Gray-Vets Field, taking photographs that tell the story of the Golden Eagles.
“Every Friday night, Steve has been there, and the next morning, the Daily Herald’s sports pages have been filled with exciting action photos that bring our local heroes to the public. They’ve given fans a close look at the backs and linemen of the Eagles team, and it’s uncanny how Steve has managed photos at the exact moment when a Tyrone player does something great – offensively, or defensively. And, over the years, countless other events have been covered with the familiar caption, ‘Photo by Steve Michaels.’
“We as a town tend to take things and people for granted, so it’s a pleasure to salute a ‘good guy’ who has made our team and our town look great. Steve Michaels has had a significant impact on this place we call home.”
Congratulations Steve on a greatly deserved honor.