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Physicians support Tree of Light

Physicians donate to Tree of Light Pictured are representatives of the Tyrone Hospital medical staff in front of one of the Trees of Light on display in Tyrone Hospital’s main lobby. Tyrone Hospital’s Medical Staff have been major supporters of the Tree of Light fundraiser since its inception. From left: Michael Halter, D.O., Family Medicine; Romulo Parente, M.D., General Medicine; Jerome DeJulia, M.D., Internal Medicine, President of the Tyrone Hospital Medical Staff; Randy Miles, Sr., Chairman of the Tyrone Hospital Development Council; Donald Miller, DMD; Victor Santillan, M.D., General Medicine and General Surgery; Ramesh Agarwal, M.D., Ear, Nose, and Throat and Thomas Mollo, M.D., podiatry. (Courtesy photo)

Members of the Tyrone Hospital medical staff made a $1,000 donation to the Tyrone Hospital Development Council’s 7th Annual Tree of Light fundraiser to benefit Tyrone Hospital. The hospital’s medical staff has been a major supporter of the Tree of Light since its inception. In addition to the support the hospital’s medical staff provides as a group, a number of medical staff members also support the fundraiser on an individual basis each year.
Donations to the Tree of Light will be used to buy trapezius bed assemblies for use on patient beds. The trapezius bed assemblies are accessories that hang above a patient’s bed. Patients grab onto the trapeze to change their position in bed and to provide assistance to get out of bed and into a chair. The estimated cost to purchase this equipment is $3,000.
Contributions to the Tree of Light may be made through the end of December. Donation forms are available for pick-up in the main lobby at Tyrone Hospital or by calling the hospital’s marketing office at 684-6348.