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Letter to Sports Editor

Letter to the Sports Editor
First, I would like to congratulate the players and coaches of the 2007 Tyrone Golden Eagle football team. Your accomplishments this past season were outstanding.
A lot of players were playing regularly for the first time; others were playing different positions.
Let’s take a look……soph QB who never took a Varsity game snap….starting halfback injured in first scrimmage….ReceIver moved to halfback less than 2 weeks before the season was to start……..all new receIver corp……..several new starters on the offensive line. And Coach Franco….think of how a father feels when his son is hurting and cannot play, it being his Senior season……while separating “coach” from “father”.
And the season…..I will always remember the craziness in the stands at Gray Vet’s Field at the end of the P-O game – how everyone was jumping up and down, screaming, cheering, watching the excitement of the players on the field as they pulled off a last second victory.
Or the Punxy game, when everyone joked about how Shayne Tate’s yards-per-carry average was 80 yds. after our first 2 plays !! I am sure that as fans we can recall many other memorable moments….
And all of the other thrilling plays these young men and their coaches treated us to this season. Remember, as all but 4 teams have their seasons end on a level of disappointment, we look to next year’s sophs, juniors, and seniors, to carry on the Tyrone Tradition Coach Franco and his staff have created.
Team, Toughness, Tyrone…

A Grateful Fan,
Jim Domenick