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Annual TACO Radio Auction scheduled for Feb. 9 – 10

The Tyrone Area Community Organization’s Annual Radio Auction, which is the group’s largest fundraiser of the year, is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10.
The Radio Auction will be aired live over WTRN 1340 AM.
Saturday, February 9, the auction is scheduled to begin at approximately 10:30 a.m., after the morning news. Sunday, February 10, the auction is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.
For that weekend, The Daily Herald office will once again be transformed into the headquarters for the TACO Radio Auction, where the items and the phone lines will be located.
Individuals can participate by listening to TACO members describe the items over the airwaves, and if anyone is interested in bidding on an item, they may simply call 684-4000; 684-4001 or 684-4603 with an offer.
Listeners should tune in all day, as the order of the large items will be given at different times. TACO members do not know the exact time items will be auctioned off, so those interested should listen all day.
Over the years, the Radio Auction has been broadcast over one day. Because the auction has successfully grown, it has been expanded to fit over a two-day time period.
Cary Simpson and WTRN have donated airtime so that TACO can hold the Radio Auction over two days. Also, donated items for the event will soon be featured on a web site at
Auction items will soon be appearing in The Daily Herald window in downtown Tyrone as well.
Approximately 315 businesses and organizations should have already received an informational letter in the mail from TACO asking for participation in the auction. All businesses are encouraged to participate. If a business is new to the area, TACO may not have sent a letter, so be sure to contact a member of TACO for more information or to donate an item for the auction.
Donations are currently being accepted and may be in the form of merchandise, a gift certificate, or a monetary donation. In exchange for a donation for the Radio Auction, the business will be promoted live over WTRN. If a business or individual donates more than one item, they will receive more airtime on the radio.
So far, TACO has received an assortment of gift certificates, merchandise and cash donations, with many more to come in the near future. An updated list will be printed in a future Daily Herald edition.
The money TACO raises helps to fund the projects the service organization sponsors for the Tyrone community in the coming year, and it is the group’s largest fundraiser of the year.
TACO sponsors such events as the Easter egg hunt, the fish rodeo, the Tyrone Halloween parade, a Distinguished Service Award and Boss of the Year Award.
It also sponsors pee-wee and teener league baseball teams and a youth football competition as well as awards four scholarships of $500 each to seniors at Tyrone Area High School.
Because of the success of the Radio Auction, TACO is also able to help families facing a crisis situation on a case-by-case basis throughout the year.
TACO meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. and dues are $10 a year. Individuals must be 16-years-old to participate as a member of TACO.
Chairpersons for the TACO Radio Auction include: president, Ruth Brower and vice president, Dave Kaup.
Brower and Kaup would especially like to thank everyone who made the most recent TACO spaghetti dinner such a success. TACO sold 174 tickets, which was a sell-out, and this spaghetti dinner was the most successful to date.
TACO was very sorry they had to turn some people away for this year’s dinner because of it being a sell-out, so next year they are going to prepare for 225 dinners to accommodate everyone. TACO wanted to thank everyone who came out that night for the dinner.
TACO also thanks the Tyrone Armory and Paul Misko for doing the cooking, DelGrosso Foods for donating the sauce, Pacificos for the rolls, LaScalia’s for the butter, Hometown Market for the applesauce, Central Distributors for the applesauce cups, Martin’s for a gift card and Burger King for the ice.
The money raised at the spaghetti dinner goes towards the cost of the stamps, letters and envelopes used for the TACO Radio Auction. TACO would also like to thank Open Door Visions for printing the labels that go on the envelopes and cards used for the auction.
If anyone has questions or donations, contact Ruth at 684-3386.