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WWII vets honored

Over 100 veterans who served during World War II received special recognition at the Veterans Day service at Christ United Methodist Church Sunday evening.
Representative Jerry Stern presented citations and medals to numerous World War II veterans in attendance, assisted by Tyrone Mayor James Kilmartin and Samuel Hayes. Family members were present to receive the honor for some veterans who are deceased. Representative Stern’s office will forward awards to those who were unable to attend.
Prior to the service, the Rev. Richard Shildt was at the piano presenting patriotic music, while persons greeted one another. A piano and organ duet was presented by Anna Myers and her daughter, Allison Casillo.
Host Pastor, the Rev. Barry Neal welcomed the many veterans in attendance along with family and friends. Persons also stood as various hymns of the service were played by organist Anna Myers.
Also shared was the history of our National Anthem in events which took place to touch the very depth of Francis Scott Keys in writing that patriotic song which brings all Americans to their feet.
Following prayer and the singing of “America, the Beautiful”, and the postlude “You’re A Grand Old Flag”, folks gathered for a time of fellowship and refreshments. Those attending also had time to look over photos and articles from the World War II era, many taken from the Waring Canteen monthly published locally during those years.
Those recognized included:
Army – Merle D. Albright, James D. Maney, James W. Morrisey, James C. Bonsell, Jr., William S. Steele, Wesley T. Weaver, Paul W. Grove, Roger S. Dodson, John J. Sheridon, Paul B. Vandevander, Morris Levine, James P. Harpster, John S. Baczam, John L. Hammel, Clarence Keeffer, William Korman, Harold E. Grager, Paul W. Burns, Robert V. Klein, Wilbur F. Walk, Jr., Paul Lloyd Frye, Pete Spanelli, Robert H. Irvin, Paul R. O’Brien, Clifford L. Wilson, George Bonsell, Jr., Robert Kennedy and Warren MacEachern.
Also, Arthur Beckwith, James Weyer, William C. Sherry, Walter L. Snyder, Jr., Ross Schmidt, Warren H. Wilson, Jesse D. Sessamen Jr., Roger Templeton, Philip A. Sponsler, Guy D. Hollen, Robert Slee, Harry F. Martz, Herbert C. Kulz, Robert L. Fetzer, Marion D. Miller, Ernest Hoover, Lawrence A. Fink, Luther B. McCartney, Samuel Bridges, Laurie Rhoades, William Engelman, Gordon G.Lykens, Robert L. Bush, Dolly L. Hollen, Stanley Rayhock, William G. Anderson, Jules Crowell and Gilbert Bryan.
Also, Paul Miller, George Melson, Don Myers, Chet Hollen, Richard Kohout, Roddney Babe, Margaret Weaver, Lee Wertz, Jay Irvin, George Wood, Jack Kane and Lillian McClellan.
Army Air Corps – Samuel Dale Vaughn, Richard Searer, Paul Dickson, Robert Keatley and Rozell Stidd.
Air Force – Michael Bungo, Robert Jacobus, Wallace Burket, Glenn P. Holsinger, John (Jack) A. Hiller Jr., Harry S. Barrett, Pierce Geist, William N. Rhodes, Primo V. Lusardi, Myers Kimmel, Kenneth Eschbach and Norman R. Reed.
Navy – Lamoine F. Zimmerman, Ralph J. Romano, Morey S. Young, Coast Guard and Navy, Ralph “Red” Thomas, William Earl Carson, Harold E. Klobetanz, Gene A. Johnson, Alvin Smith, Donald L. Dickson, Jesse Hockenberry, Frank C. Romano, Bruce B. Bowers, Howard Baldrige, Earl S. Dickson, Ruth Lane and Nicholas Pasquino, Navy Air Corps.
Marines – Earl S. Carper and Jack E. Dunn.
Coast Guard – J. Robert Miller.
Also to be recognized are Thomas A. Fisher and Eleanor (Engelman) Hughes, Army and Blair K. Warrender Sr., Navy.