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Woodburner malfunction cause of last night’s house fire in downtown Tyrone

Downtown Tyrone was filled with smoke and flashing lights early last evening as firefighters battled a blazing fire due to a woodburner malfunction in a home.
A double house at 1219 Pennsylvania Avenue, next to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center, caught fire about 8:45 p.m.
The residents of the structure, Alice Scott, 21, who lives on the right side of the double home with her boyfriend, Tim Yeager Jr., 29, and their one-year-old and four-month-old kids, escaped safely from the blaze, along with Rodney Harper and his two sons, who live on the other side of the home.
Two firefighters at the scene were injured during the blaze that took about an hour to have under control. One was hurt inside the home, and the other was injured outside. As of Wednesday morning, the names of the firemen were yet released.
Fire Marshal J.R. Watson said the firefighters were taken by ambulance to Tyrone Hospital. One of the firemen was treated and released, and the other fireman was admitted to Tyrone Hospital for precautionary reasons. Neither fireman suffered any serious injuries.
American Red Cross volunteers were at the scene last evening and offered shelter and assistance to the victims, although all occupants of the home are staying with family members and relatives.
Watson and newly hired Code Enforcement Officer, Jim Metzgar investigated the fire this morning and both came to the conclusion that a faulty woodburner started the fire.
“With the high prices of heating fuels, people will be searching for other means to heat their homes, so hopefully this doesn’t become a trend this winter,” said Watson.
Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder, Neptune and Bellwood volunteer fire companies were at the scene.