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Tyrone Middle/High School announce first marking period Renaissance Stars

Renaissance Stars Tyrone Middle/High School recently announced the Renaissance Stars for the first marking period. First row, from left: Keely Patterson, Andrew Bartos, Naomi Walk, Bethany Harker, Linsey Lewis, Nick Mills and Hayden Zook. Second row: Jared Shaffer, Sarah Halter, Rebecca Gherrity, Logan Harper, Jonathan Harris, Tia Myers, Kimberly Riggleman, Morgan Bailey and Alayna Hettinger. (The Daily Herald/Amanda Golden)

The Tyrone Area School District Renaissance Education Foundation recently announced the Renaissance Stars for the first marking period of the 2007-08 school year.
Tyrone Middle and High School teachers nominated 16 students for recognition due to their outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude or overall improvement.
Fifth grader, Andrew Bartos, was chosen by his teacher Mr. Rishel. According to Rishel, Andrew has displayed a positive attitude and a love of learning every single school day this year.
“He is a great role model for all of the students in our classroom,” said Rishel.
Another fifth grader, Naomi Walk, was chosen by Mrs. Schultz this marking period. Schultz described Naomi saying she is always focused in class and is willing to learn different ways to do things without complaining.
She said, “Naomi is helpful and volunteers on a regular basis. She sets good examples for other students by following written and oral directions, doing her homework, staying focused during lessons and asking questions if she does not understand.” Shultz added that Naomi’s peers respect her and she has many friends.
Sixth grader Linsey Lewis was chosen as a Renaissance Star by Mrs. Baird, who said she has completed all of her academic assignments on time with quality.
“She is very helpful to other students and teachers,” said Baird, “Linsey takes responsibility for her actions.
Nick Mills was also chosen by the sixth grade teachers. They all agreed Nick has been working extremely hard this year and said he always has his work completed on time and strives to do the best he can. They also mentioned he is very polite and has a positive attitude.
Seventh grader Alayna Hettinger was chosen by Miss Johnston, Mrs. Gerharts and Mr. Loth. The teachers agreed Alayna is a very conscientious student who provides a good role model for others by working hard, actively participating in class and promptly completing her assignments. They said she is also very kind and considerate to other students.
A second seventh grader, Hayden Zook, was chosen by Mrs. Gerharts, Mr. Loth, Mrs. Johnson and Miss Johnston. They said Hayden is an exemplary student who excels in all academic areas and his hard work and determination enable him to have a positive influence on his peers. They all agree he is an asset to the Tyrone Middle School.
Eighth grader Bethany Harker was selected by the eighth grade teaching team who said striving to get the most out of any situation is Bethany’s goal. They described her as conscientious, polite and always helpful.
Jared Shaffer was selected as an eighth grade Renaissance Star by Mrs. Cannistraci, Mr. Schoening, Mrs. Morrissey and Sonya DeArmitt. They said Jared always encourages peers to do their best and does not hesitate to help someone who is struggling.
Ninth grader, Tia Myers, was selected by her teacher, Mrs. Binus, who said, “Tia is dependable and is a hard worker. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others.” She added that Tia is a joy to teach.
A second ninth grader, Kim Riggleman, was chosen by Mrs. Myers. Myers described Kim saying, “Kim’s attitude is commendable. She does a fantastic job with her assignments.”
Health Tech teacher, Mrs. Taylor, chose sophomore Rebecca Gherrity for the honor of Renaissance Star this marking period. She said Rebecca is a very nice young lady who shows a strong interest in the medical field.
“She has one of the highest grades in class,” said Taylor, “Her homework and other assignments are always done and submitted on time.
“Rebecca participates in class. She is respectful of others, teachers and students alike. Ms. Gherrity maintains a high level. She is consistent.”
Tenth grader, Logan Harper was nominated by his math teacher, Ms. Haid. She said Logan is a student who always puts forth his best effort. He is willing to ask questions, come for extra help or volunteer for classwork.
“He always has a positive attitude,” said Haid, “which reflected in his work.”
Math teacher, Mr. Bloom, chose eleventh grader Morgan Bailey for star recognition. He said Morgan has been outstanding in hi PreCalculus class.
“She has performed extremely well in a strong academic class,” said Bloom.
Keely Patterson was selected by her eleventh grade teacher, Ms. Dobrowolsky.
“Keely is a great addition to the Eagle Eye (school newspaper),” said Dobrowolsky, “She jumped in head first – finding stories, asking questions, helping others and editing stories. She’s a role model for other members.”
Mrs. Kathy Beigle chose senior Sarah Halter for Renaissance Star honors. She said, “Sarah is one of the brightest students I’ve come across in years. She has an extremely positive attitude and genuine concern towards school, her peers, her teachers and herself.”
Senior Jonathan Harris was also selected as a ‘star’ by his teacher, Mrs. Redinger.
“Jon is a terrific students who gives 110 percent in his course work, is never afraid to speak out and actively participates in lessons,” said Redinger. “Jon always brings a positive attitude and ‘cheeriness’ to class.”