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The First Thanksgiving

The members of Cub Pack 320 visited WTRN and recorded a radio show, complete with sound effects. They tell a story about 250 years ago when the First Thanksgiving was observed in Tyrone. It’s just a pretend story, of course, but they had fun telling about how the Settlers went over and asked Chief Logan and the Indians to join in a Thanksgiving Feast. There’s a surprise ending, as the Indian Chief invited everyone to walk down the trail a few hundred feet to have dessert – guess where? Ice Cream at Gardner’s, of course. Anything can happen in a pretend story. From left: Nathaniel Green, Andrew Wilson, Trevor Fink, Conner Wertz, Zachary Albright and Corbin Moon. The Cubs will be heard on Saturday morning at 10:10 a.m. (Courtesy photo)