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THDC kicks off seventh annual ‘Tree of Light’ fundraiser

The Tyrone Hospital Development Council has kicked off its Seventh Annual Tree of Light fundraiser to benefit Tyrone Hospital.
Each year, hospital employees and other members of the hospital family support the Tree of Light in a variety of ways. This year some employees are playing an active role by circulating donation forms and inviting their families, friends and neighbors to support the Tree of Light.
Randy Miles, Sr., Chairman of the Tyrone Hospital’s Development Council, said the support from hospital employees and other members of the hospital family extends the Development Council’s reach and contributes to the success of its fundraising projects.
“The fact that people are willing to get involved and do something extra says a lot about their level of commitment to the community and the hospital.”
Donations from the Tree of Light will be used to buy trapezius bed assemblies for use on patient beds. The trapezius bed assemblies are accessories that hang above a patient’s bed. Patients grab onto the trapeze to change their position in bed and to provide assistance to get out of bed and into a chair. The estimated cost to purchase this equipment is $3,000.
Kim Clancy of Tyrone Hospital’s accounting department is one of the employees reaching out to neighbors and friends, asking them to support Tyrone Hospital through the Tree of Light.
“I benefit from Tyrone Hospital not only as an employee but also as a local resident who uses the hospital. That is my reason for wanting to help.”
Trees are now on display in the main lobby of the hospital adorned with angels purchased by members of the community and hospital family to remember deceased loved ones, to honor those living, or to recognize a business or organization. Individuals or organizations can have an angel placed on a tree for a donation of $5 or more.
“I want the Tree of Light to be huge success,” said John Wagner, director of the hospital’s materials management department. “The more people that get involved and help, the greater our success will be, that is why I’m helping.” Wagner said he hopes the Development Council will far exceed its goal of $3,000. “It would be great if we raised enough money to help with more than just the trapezius bed assemblies.”
In addition to the interior trees, an exterior tree will be lighted at the main entrance of Tyrone Hospital in a ceremony to be held Monday, December 3 at 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend. The ceremony will include a vocal performance by students from St. Matthew’s School Choir. A spiritual message will be delivered by Chaplain Joan Smith and brief comments will be made by hospital leaders. A reception with refreshments will be held immediately following the illumination ceremony.
Members of the Tyrone Hospital Development Council are community members Randy Miles, Sr., Chairman and Marcie Lewis, Sunda Baney, Theresa Yanchetz and Walter Van Dyke of Tyrone Hospital.
Tree of Light angels may be purchased through December 31. Donation forms are available for pick-up at the hospital’s main registration desk or by calling the hospital’s marketing office at 684-6348.
Tree of Light at Tyrone Hospital Shown hanging angels on the Tree of Light at Tyrone Hospital are some of the Tyrone Hospital employees who are circulating Tree of Light donation forms and asking their families, friends and neighbors to show their support for Tyrone Hospital through a donation to the Tree of Light. At left is Tammy Emigh of performance improvement and Craig Hattler of maintenance. At right is Ricky Smith of housekeeping, Kim Clancy of accounting and Deb Beauchamp of the medical staff office. Others helping who were not present at the time of the photo include: Phil Maceno of maintenance, Vicky Shaw of nursing and the board of directors, Tina Murray of nursing, John Wagner of materials management, Carol Beichler of nutrition services and Rhonda Himes of registration. (Courtesy photo)