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TASD forced to close early for the holiday due to continued rumors of threats

Dr. William Miller, Superintendent of the Tyrone Area School District, told The Daily Herald in a phone conversation yesterday that school would be closed early for Thanksgiving break due to the continued rumors of a possible shooting at the school.
The following statement was sent to all parents yesterday morning via the district messaging system “AlertNow”:
“This is William Miller, Superintendent of the Tyrone Area School District. Everything you have heard the last several days regarding a potential shooting at the school has been strictly rumors – text messaging and gossip. There is no validity to these rumors.
“District personnel have searched 20 students without any location of a weapon on their persons or in their lockers. State Police have been on the scene in full force over the past several days.
“These rumors continue to run rampant. The district feels it has taken every precaution to address this situation and the safety of our students.
“It is obvious that some students are perpetrating this situation and are creating a chaotic climate.
“Based upon the school climate at this time, school will be closed for Thanksgiving Break beginning Friday, November 16, and will reopen on Tuesday, November 27.”
This information is also posted on the district website at
Dr. Miller confirmed that there was yet another lockdown at the school yesterday, following a lockdown Wednesday morning at the school.
He added that about 30 percent of the student body was absent from school yesterday.
“At this point, we’ve done everything that we could do,” he said.
The Daily Herald also received reports from parents and relatives of school students that they were very concerned and wished they had been informed earlier by the school about the ongoing situation.
Also, it should be noted the football game scheduled for this evening at Gray-Vets Field has been moved to Saturday at 1 p.m. at Mansion Park.