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Letters to Sports Editor

Dear Editor and Tyrone Residents,
I would like to commend the Tyrone football team on a tremendous season. It was impressive watching players step up when starters were injured. The coaching staff did a tremendous job with the talent they had to work with, the lack of depth and a young team. Good job to all.
I attended most of the games this season and love how the fans rally behind the team game after game. That is what a community is supposed to do. However, I was very disappointed with many fans after this past loss. I heard grown adults screaming at the top of their lungs at the coaches and players as well as throwing their hats to the ground in disgust. I was sitting by Altoona residents who came to watch this great team and I was embarrassed by the attitudes of some of these fans. Not everyone was like this, actually many cheered on the players and coaches until the very end. I applaud you.
When you have players refusing to shake the hands of the opposing team and fans screaming at players and coaches we are missing it as a community. That is not who we are or what we are about in Tyrone. Our team ended 10-1 with a very young group of kids. No we didn’t win a district championship or state title, but those things are the greatest accomplishments we can teach theses kids. We need to learn how to be good winners and losers because we will all lose at some point in our lives.
We move on, yes disappointed. It was a rough weekend with Tyrone, Penn State and Pittsburgh all losing. Bellwood won their game but is now dealing with a terrible loss much more important than a football game. There are many things more important than football. I would encourage you to reflect over this Thanksgiving Season upon things that matter in the long run.
May we be proud of & thankful for our sports teams and our way of life here in Tyrone.
Jim Kilmartin
Mayor of Tyrone

Dear Editor,
They call themselves Football fans? The definition of a fan, enthusiastic follower of a game devotee! That is not what I witnessed Saturday afternoon at Mansion Park. I am a 1996 graduate of Tyrone Area High School. I was a cheerleader and am honored to say I was voted most school spirit. I am honestly mortified by the way grown adults were yelling at their own Alma Mater. The way they disrespected those kids and their coaches, I’m sure there are people that feel the same way I do. It’s just a football game. I myself would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!! to the Golden Eagles and the coaching staff on a great year. Good job guys. And for you people who acted the way you did I really hope next year you think twice before booing someone’s son and/or grandson and just remember….What if that were your son out there….How would you feel?
Brooke Sprankle