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It’s Fun! It’s Easy!

Just ask Milton Getz of Tyrone, who was the winning contestant in the Pitt/Syracuse game!
Milton won the contest, picking the correct winner and nailing the exact number of total points scored, to win $100 worth of gift certificates. Getz will split his gift certificates between the Bullpen, LaScalias, and Sheetz of Tyrone. Getz is the third straight $100 winner and the fifth $100 winner of the 2007 season!
If a contestant picks the correct winner and has the exact number of total points, he/she wins $100 in gift certificate.
When there are no winners who pick the winner and exact number of points scored by both teams, the entry that picks the correct team and the closest number of points gets a $25 gift certificate from the sponsor of their choice for his/her prize.
Enter to win! Pick your own personal choice of participating sponsors for your gift certificate.