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Honoring WWII Veterans

Representatives Jerry Stern and Mike Fleck stopped by Epworth Manor in Tyrone last Friday to honor veterans of World War II. Following a few patriotic songs, the pair read the names of the 22 veterans and presented those in attendance with a certificate and medal. Those honored Friday include: Margaret Weaver, Jack Kane, Rodney Babe, George Wood, Chet Hollen, Lee Wertz, Don Myers, Philip Sponsler, Robert Kennedy, Richard Kohout, Jay Irvin, Lillian McClellan, Rozell Stidd, Paul Miller, Ruth Lane, George Melson, Nicholas Pasquino, Gilbert Bryan, Jesse Hockenberry, Jules Crowell, Robert Keatley and Ernest Hoover. In attendance at the ceremony was, in front, from left: Lee Wertz and Margaret (Kephart) Weaver. Second row: Robert Kennedy, Rodney Babe, Chet Hollen, Philip Sponsler and George Wood. In back, Rep. Jerry Stern, Bob Keatley, Jack Kane and Rep. Mike Fleck. (The Daily Herald/Amanda Golden)