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Urologist provides program on men’s urological health

David Oselinsky, M.D., FACS of State College Urologic Associates provided an educational program on men’s urological health at the Tyrone Senior Community Center.
Dr. Oselinsky discussed prostate disease, kidney stones and erectile dysfunction. He also reviewed how these conditions are diagnosed and treated. He also explained the prostate specific antigen test which is often used to evaluate prostate health.
During his presentation, Dr. Oselinsky also talked about how the prostate functions and how it changes over the course of a man’s life.
Pictured is Dr. Oselinsky as he pauses to answer some questions that were asked about kidney stones.
Dr. Oselinksy recently opened an office on the campus of Tyrone Hospital. For more information about the services Dr. Oselinksy offers in Tyrone, call 1-800-837-6062.