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Tyrone Hospital surgeon provides education on hip and knee replacement

Christopher McClellan, D.O., orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff at Tyrone Hospital, provided a community education program on hip and knee replacement surgery at the Tyrone Senior Community Center.
The program was co-sponsored by Tyrone Hospital and Blair Senior Services Prime Time Health Program.
Dr. McClellan, who is from University Orthopedics Center in Altoona, discussed how hip and knee replacement surgery is performed and what people who have the surgery can expect during their recovery process. He explained the difference between a traditional knee replacement and Gender Knee, a knee replacement designed especially for women.
Dr. McClellan also discussed the importance of rehabilitation therapy before, during, and after joint replacement surgery. He also provided information regarding factors that contribute to deterioration or damage to the knee and hip joints. Dr. McClellan also explained how doctors determine when a person is considered a candidate for knee or hip replacement surgery.
Tim Skarada, physical therapist and Shelley Hanczar, occupational therapist both of ProCare at Tyrone Hospital, were also on hand to discuss the rehabilitation aspect of joint replacement surgery.
Dr. McClellan performs hip and knee replacement surgery as well as other orthopedic procedures at Tyrone Hospital. The Gender Knee replacement for women is also available at Tyrone Hospital.
Pictured is Christopher McClellan, D.O., member of the Tyrone Hospital medical staff, at a community education program he provided on hip and knee replacement surgery. Dr. McClellan is using a model of the knee joint to explain how a knee replacement is performed. Dr. McClellan is a native of Tipton. He is with University Orthopedics Center in Altoona.