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Tyrone Hospital medical staff welcomes new physicians

The Tyrone Hospital medical staff welcomed three new physicians to Tyrone at a recent meeting held.
David Oselinsky, M.D. of State College Urologic Associates recently opened a urology clinic on the campus of Tyrone Hospital.
Pawan Gupta, M.D. Nephrologist (kidney specialist) has opened an office on the hospital campus.
Shabbir Ahmad, M.D., oncologist from Blair Medical Associates, is preparing to open an oncology clinic at Tyrone Hospital on November 14. Patients who visit the new physicians will have easy access to Tyrone Hospital for testing or other services needed.
From left: Pawan Gupta, M.D., Nephrologist (kidney specialist); Shabbir Ahmad, M.D., oncologist from Blair Medical Associates and David Oselinsky, M.D., urologist from State College Urologic Associates, with Jerome DeJulia, M.D. Internal Medicine physician from Tyrone Medical Associates who is President of the Tyrone Hospital Medical Staff.