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TASB approves $2.1 million installation/upgrade of high school heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

The Tyrone Area School Board convened last evening in the board room at the elementary school to conduct its monthly agenda. The board unanimously approved the proposal of Hayes Large Architects’ estimated construction cost of $2,100,000 for installation/upgrade of heating, ventilation and air conditioning at the high school.
Superintendent Dr. William Miller said that this is what is left to do after the district has already done the building and renovation program – this will complete it.
\”It also provides the needed repairs, in some areas it will save us money, and it\’ll complete the air conditioning of the high school in total, so the middle school, high school and elementary school will be totally air conditioned,\” added Dr. Miller.
The school district\’s Physical Plant Director Tom Muir explained that the construction includes updating the boilers by installing high efficiency boilers, taking all the old steam piping out that\’s beginning to deteriorate and replacing it with a hot water heating system. During that process, they will update the size of the coil enabling the building to be air conditioned for about $300,000-$400,000, and that is included into the $2.1 million.
\”What we\’re doing is taking the steam out because we realized the savings by going to hot water,\” added Muir. \”We have to replace the steam piping sooner or later anyway, because the piping is original to the building\’s age.\”
Hayes Large Architects and the district plan to begin the project in late spring and hope to be up and operating by September 2008.
The board also discussed in a work session prior to the official board meeting future capitol projects that could take place in addition to the present $2.1 million upgrades. These projects are still in discussion and will be decided upon on a future date. It would increase the current $2.1 million project to an estimated $3 million project.
In the next three to five years the district would like to replace the high school gym floor, which has never been replaced, at an estimated cost of $265,000; replace carpets in the high school library, main office and six classrooms at a total estimation of $52,232; replace high school corridor lockers at an estimated $216,000 or repair and paint the lockers at a cost of around $30,000; driveway replacement in the front of the elementary and rear parking area at an estimated total cost of $28,000; seal parking lots district-wide at around $97,000; refurbish high school auditorium seating at a cost of $120,000 or replace the seating for an estimated $270,000; and replace the elementary school corridor floor at an estimated $103,000. There were also talks of repairing the high school path and acquiring hospital ground, but more information needs to be gathered before further discussion.
In five to ten years, the district would like to resurface the running track and tennis court, replace sidewalks where needed, restrip joints on the roof at the high school, replace stair tower/lobby entrance including door and hardware, the sewer main, high school cafeteria deck replacement, and branch line replacements in the high school plumbing.
The school board also decided to not pursue the possibility of installing artificial turf at Gray-Vets Memorial Field. Superintendent Dr. Miller stated it would be a $750,000 investment with no payback, elaborating that it would not be a wise investment for the school district.
The turf fields typically only have an eight year warranty and it is documented that ultra-violent rays deteriorate the turf, which is an obvious concern for the district. The turf fields also need to be replaced at an estimated 10 year interval.
Physical Plant Director Tom Muir added that the district already spends $7,000-8,000 a year maintaining the existing natural grass field, and the turf fields are not maintenance free.
\”You look at the life expectancy and cost of this project, $700,000-$800,000 versus $7,000-$8,000 we spend a year to maintain it now, we would only spend around $80,000 in a 10 year period compared to the present cost of the artificial turf field and plus maintenance over ten years, and by that time you\’re going to have to replace the turf, so cost wise it\’s not a good idea,\” stated Muir.
In other business, the board accepted the resignations of Junior High Wrestling Coach Jason Bainey effective September 9, 2007 and Junior High Boys Basketball Coach Pat Campbell effective September 11, 2007.
Acting Elementary Principal Melissa Russell, Elementary Dean of Students Mark Mitchell and Middle School Principal Dr. John Vendetti gave a presentation to the board on a new math series, \”Everyday Math,\” highlighting a new math objective for the students. The Daily Herald will do a feature story at a later date on the math series.